Modern embodiment of Hermes

  1. Ladies,

    Following on from DressageQueen's exquisite post of vintage photos of some of the world's classiest and forever chic ladies, whom do you think embodies the Hermes woman of the new century? I know that those women in that post are irreplaceable on the podium of distinction, but surely someone in your eyes is now carrying on the tradition that those women so effortlessly portrayed?
  2. Victoria Beckham? :upsidedown:

  3. ME and YOU and EVERYONE that loves and appreciates hermès the quality the skins the workmanship etc ! beauty comes in all colors attitudes and sizes and H just stands for that
  4. VB too obviousy works at her look all day every day whereas the vintage photo ladies had style, worked on certainly, but not so obviously and obsessively. They had style and then they had some classy accessories, VB seems to attack it the other way round; masses of expensive bags to the fore and then frocks, hair, unbeliveable heels etc.
    What we're looking for is one of the former in a modern context. I think Elle Macpherson may qualify as she obviously has her own style and strong persona + bags.
  5. I totally agree with this. :yes: Very well put.
  6. :tup:!!!

    I don't think VB is an H icon. She works her style too much IMO...almost looks like she wears a costume...
    To me H style is simple and elegant, and hardly noticeable.
  7. Oh no, not VB, pleeease!:yucky: I would say Elle McPherson, Ines de la Fressange, Anna Mouglalis.....
  8. Gosh - I can't think of anyone.....

  9. The late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy?
  10. :heart::tender::flowers:
  11. Absolutely. WE are.
  12. gina ... unveiling??? (your avatar)
  13. Well said :tup: I couldn't agree more. Our modern stars do work so ridiculously hard to strike that pose and going out of their ways to impress...
    However, I can't say there is one modern lady with the style matching with those great ladies of the past who mastered an art of looking effortlessly chic carrying their Hermes.
    On the other hand, there are ladies on TPF who can and do that in real life though :welcome:
  14. VB just buys Hermes to show off the fact that her husbands loaded :smile:
  15. :confused1: besides everyone knows that her dh is well off (as is she) that is very ...well it degrades H(and the fans od it) as a status symbol(hunters) and even though that maybe the case with some other stars/people i am quite sure viytoria is a true h fan as she also carries a variety of styles besides the omnipresent birkin.