Modern Day Cinderella Shoes

  1. STRICTLY BALLROOM Although inspired by ballroom dancing, Viktor & Rolf’s leather shoe with a chandelier-crystal heel is better suited for posing than prancing. Price on request, to order. At Bloomingdale’s.

    CLEAR WINNER Modern-day Cinderellas will definitely want to wear Alexander McQueen’s seethrough sandals to the ball. $1,605. At Alexander McQueen, 417 West 14th Street.

  2. LOVE them both !
  3. With the right outfit, these could look fabulous :yes:

    Thanks for sharing maxter!!
  4. I love those. I wish I had somewhere nice to wear them!
  5. Those are gorgeous!!
  6. Lovely!!!!!!
  7. Those are magical shoes! I love them, especially the McQueen's!
  8. Ooh, they're beautiful! Two of my fave designers!
  9. I am not nuts about the V&R ribbon/straps, but I love the heel. For some reason, the two look out of place together.
  10. I like them.