Modern Chaint Tote EW or Baby Cabas

  1. Which do you ladies prefer and why?
  2. oh i love both of these bags....sorry can't help you :cutesy:
  3. Indeed! I feel the same way which is why I asked ;)
  4. Modern Chain if you like more structured bags. It's on my list.

    I have the baby cabas and I love that too, especially if you're one to like more slouchy bags.

    They're two completely different bags so it's hard to compare.
  5. They are both nice bags, but I think I prefer the MC.
  6. I prefer the MC. I love the shiny caviar plus it is a little more structured.
  7. ^^^I totally agree with bellabags. I prefer the glazed caviar and the more structured look and shape of the Modern Chain tote.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. I prefer the MC
  9. You guys are killing me!!! I want this so bad but my SO would kill me if I bought this since I just started school again and I'm not working. Damn damn damn! Maybe I can sneak it into the house....
  10. Definitely the MC as there are some stitching problems with my baby cabas which is pretty annoying!
  11. I find my cabas easier to carry since it molds to my side, where as the MC E/W sticks out at the bottom since it's more structured. It's really wide and for someone so petite like me, I prefer the MC in the N/S size.
  12. I've never seen the cabas IRL but have the MC and LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
  13. I have just the Cabas and love it - it's so much slouchier and molds to the body better, like ocgirl said.

    I've tried the EW tote on many times and feel it's too large for me, although I just love the styling/trapeze shape. I prefer the NS for myself.
  14. i like both, but i think i like the MC a tiny bit more
  15. Cabas because it's lighter and slouchier.