Modern Chain

  1. I just bought a modern chain small tote in black and the silver cotton club tote. i love the cotton club because it is really summery yet comfortably light. i love the modern chain because it looks edgy but i wanted to get opinions on whether i should return it because it may be too heavy and wait for what comes out in fall :shrugs:
  2. My Nordstrom s/a offered a MC e/w tote to me today and I almost bought it! It was a return in pristine condition and I'm still thinking about it (but really can't afford it). And I don't want to return my Cotton Club for the MC because I love the blue CC too much to part with it.

    Denise (my s/a) told me that Chanel is doing the MC collection again for fall and one of the bags is going to look like a hybrid of the fall 06 MC and the Cabas totes. She couldn't elaborate because the Chanel rep didn't have any further details to share. The fall lookbooks come out in June, so there is a long wait to see what's in store.

    Keep in mind that the price of the MC ligne will be increasing come fall, so if you love your tote, don't return it! May I ask where you purchased it? I thought they were all sold out.
  3. i just happened to be in Neimans in fashion island in the mornng and someone had returned the mc tote because it was too heavy the night before. there was a man there before me who was talking to his wife about the purse and i thought he was going to get it so i went to shoes and came back and found out it was still there!! i think the fact that the sa kept saying it is so hot and so in demand kind of played me into buying it. i have been in a indecisive mood because i just returned a gst black with silver hardware because it was kind of uncomfortable. i know it is popular but i just could not love it. the mc on the other hand looks really hot on!:confused1:
  4. I like the mc tote better than cotton club. It's edgier, has leather lining.
  5. The Modern Chain is coming back SA just told me this. I haven't seen any pictures of the styles yet.
  6. I say keep it but I love the MC! At first the bag didn't speak to me so I passed. Then the bag SCREAMED to me and I had such a hard time finding one. I can't wait to see what twist they put on this for the fall!
  7. I agree...keep it! I love the MC and now I can't wait to see what's new for fall!:smile:
  8. It's true the modern chain tote is heavy, but I honestly only carry from my car to my office in the morning and from the office back to my car in the afternoons. I do also carry it on the weekends, but never if I think I'm going to be doing a lot of walking.

    It's such an eye catcher. I would say definitely keep it, unless you had a job that required running around all day and having to carry your purse with you everywhere.
  9. The MC is heavy, especially when its filled with things.. but its a beautiful bag and worth all the pain in my shoulders LOL :yes:

    I have the CC tote too but i prefer my MS tote to the CC tote. :shame: The CC tote's design is a little more common and i think you may be able to find something similar from Chanel in the future.
  10. thanks for everyone's advice! i think i will hold on to it because everytime i try it on it makes me smile.:p
  11. Would you please post a pic?
  12. i will try to attach a picture of the cc tote in silver and modern chain tote i just got. i've never attached pictures before so hopefully it works!:p
  13. yeah, pics will be great :yes:

    IMO, i :heart: the MC, never get to see one IRL though, so don't know about the weight :p
    but i like the style so much, very edgy, and rock style :yes: which is why i'm loving chanels now
  14. i'm normally on the balenciaga forum because i love casual slouchy bags but the chanel mc is so different i fell in love with it. i tried to upload the pics but it didn't work. i will try it again later:p
  15. Will have to wait for pics to give opinion since I am not sure I know exactly which bags these are.