Modern Chain vs. Coco Cabas

  1. I am not sure if this has been asked.

    What do you like about these bags, pros and cons.
  2. Modern Chain - I have the hobo..and it's down side is it's slightly heavy... but I think it's a really chic and edgy style from chanel....

    Cabas - I do not have one yet...waiting...but it looks really pretty!
  3. there was a prior thread that asked this

    I sold my black leather Cabas bag and am buying a black leather modern chain tote instead

    I did like the Cabas but for the money I figured I'd get more use out of the modern chain. I barely carried the Cabas for the month or two that I had it. I got far more compliments on my red MC tote and I have been carryign almost everyday since I got it. The MC was more sophisticated yet still had edge due to the chain and therefore more versatile for work and casual use in my opinion. I found the lil metal logo that hangs on the Cabas to be annoying. In the long term ignoring trendiness...I think the black modern chain will meet my needs for a large black tote better. I just couldn't afford two huge black Chanel totes....if I could...I'd probably keep both.
  4. I don't have a Coco Cabas, but I get ssssooooo many compliments on my red MC tote. It's a big eye catcher. The weight doesn't bother me because I don't go door to door by trade. I pretty much walk from my car to my office and back in the evenings.:yes:
  5. So if you go shopping do you take your MC bag or switch to another bag?
  6. The Coco Cabas is huge. The MC is much more wearable IMO.
  7. I have the mc tote in black and in red. I love them both, but the red gets compliments every time I carry it. I have had no problems carrying it.
  8. I did carry it shopping this weekend and it got a little heavy, but I also had 4 shopping bags full of Christmas gifts.
  9. ^^and how many shopping bags filled with gifts for Monica were you carrying? or is that just how my Christmas shopping goes? :smile:
  10. :busted OMG, you know me too well already. I always get one thing for myself for every one thing I get someone else.:shame: :lol:
  11. Great insight!

  12. Don't we all!:lol:
  13. You must have had the large Cabas? It was a lot larger than the MC, wasn't it?

    Does your MC tote go easily over your shoulder or is it the same as the Cabas?

    I think it's very smart to think about the long term when purchasing any expensive bag. I won't touch some of my trendy bags from years ago, but I do keep reaching for the bags that are in a more classic shape.

  14. The original leather Cabas only came in one size...which was the size of the smaller vinyl bag. Now they have what they are calling the "baby Cabas" on this board which has quilting on the bottom. Yes I think the measurements were a bit bigger than the large MC tote but they are both huge bags. I am a big strong 6ft tall Amazon so I didn't find either bag to be overwhelming or heavy to me. The MC tote seems to fit easier over my shoulder than the Cabas did. The Cabas did fit on my shoulder (again I am far from teeny) but it was more of an effort to get it on there. The MC tote has a longer drop so it hangs on my shoulder with more room to spare. I found the MC to be more appropriate to wear to the office, receptions at swanky law firms, friends house partys, shopping trips, travel, etc. It just fits with everything. I've worn my red MC with a cocktail dress to a play and to a women's legal conference in NYC (where many of the ladies were also carrying large bags like the Birkin etc.). I wore it to hip nightclubs. The Cabas was not as versatile to me but I think it depends on your own lifestyle. It was a hard decision to give it up as I knew it would be hard to get another one so I thought long and hard about it. I felt like I was just getting it because it was the new hot thing not because I was really in love with it. I pictured myself a decade later and what bag I would still be carrying and it became an easy choice. I have like 5 or more different colors of the classic flap bag for when I need a smaller more strcutured bag and I think I now want multiple colors of the MC large tote as well for when I need a large bag. I did love the Cabas it was a fun hip bag and you can fit a ton of stuff in was just that one of them had to go and it lost out.
  15. coco cabas