Modern Chain Upcoming Colors in Caviar Leather?

  1. Hello! Does anyoneknow the newest or upcoming colors for the modern chain or if it will even be in the line for cruise and/or spring? Thanks. I have two and LOVE them.
  2. I'm not sure if Chanel is bringing back the MC. I have the dark grey e/w tote from season one and love, love, love it!
  3. Ooh I do wonder if they are bringing this back! I loved the red flap from the first season they did MC!
  4. i would love to have one ;) i've been eyeing on the e/w tote bag for quite some time now but this time no more resin chains please, we just need new colors not new 'modifications'!
  5. I would love to see a dark purple MC and I have red but they should bring it back as there were such limited quantities and many people want red and were not able to get it.
  6. I do agree, there were limited quantities of the red and white, it seems. I have yet to see anyone with the red or white MC bags, even though I frequent two cities where I normally spot at least 10-15 chanel bags a day!
  7. Do you happen to have the glazed brown E/W? if yes, please may I have the code.