modern chain tote vs lady braid satchel ?

  1. I am confused. Need a roomy bag I can use everyday. I am torn between the mc tote or the lady braid satchel. I have tonnes of black chanels. Was thinking of maybe a violet satchel. Attracted by the look of the buttery soft leather. Is that a good choice ? Anyone knows which is a lighter bag ?:shrugs:
  2. The LB Satchel is NOT heavy AT ALL ... super, squishy, buttery soft :love:

    Good Luck!
  3. They're SO different though!
    If you truly need a roomy tote then go w/ the MC, I think it also fits much more comfortably on the shoulder.
    If you don't need a lot of room and don't mind carrying it on your arm, go w/ teh LB - or if you're pretty thin I think it fits on the shoulder okay.
  4. i'm all about the lady braid! it is roomy and light.
  5. Have you guys seen the violet one ? How is the color ? Bright or verymuch like the violet lambskin flap. Do you know where I can get it ? Thanks