modern chain tote vs. GST

  1. HI ALL~

    i need your precious advice!

    i need to decide between the modern chain tote and the GST

    i will be using it for school (but not too heavy duty) so it does neet to be practical but i want it to be timeless so that i can use it when i start working post-grad.

    TIA for all your insight~!

    Happy V-Day:heart: ~!
  2. I would go with the GST. I just tried on the GST and am waiting for it to come in with the silver hardware and then I will be purchasing it. I typically like unstructured bags, but for books, papers, etc. I think the structure of the GST is awesome. The GST also has two side compartments with a middle zippered compartment. This would allow you to put a wallet/cosmetic case in one compartment, pens/pencils/snacks in another, and books/notebooks in another. Also, since when you put it down it will stay standing, you won't have to be digging around on the floor for all of your stuff in a bag puddle. Of course, this is just my opinion!!! Good luck - I am one class shy of completing my masters degree so I know how being in school is.:yes:
  3. GST because I'm getting one for school/work too :]
  4. What's the GST? Can someone post a pic of these two different bags?
  5. Thanks for your advice~! Yes - I took another look at the modern chain on PF just now and I am really leaning towards just looks a bit more polished, yes? :yes:

    So correct me if I'm wrong but the new price is $1750?
  6. voting for GST as well :smile: you won't go wrong with that!
  7. I think that some of the Saks still have the GST for $1650. At the Indianapolis Saks they had a beige w/ gold hardware for $1650 and the SA told me that the GST price had not gone up, only the flap bags . . . she could be wrong, but I would try Saks because I believe that some stores are now charging $1750.
  8. Gst! Gst!
  9. I can post photos of both, see attachments.
    I'd recommend the GST. I took back my MC because it was floppy :p
    I LOVE it though, wish I could deal w/ a completely unstructured bag.
    Actually, I also took back the GST, but not because I didn't LOVE it, but because last year when I bought it the black only came w/ gold hardware and I couldn't do it.
    DSCF2444.jpg DSCF2439.jpg DSCF1335.jpg DSCF1323.jpg
  10. thanks for the reference pics swanky~!

    Yes, I totally agree with you on the "floppiness", which is why I am leaning towards th GST. ANd I too agree with you on the hardware - I would have to get it in silver, gold just seems too old(?) for me...hehe :shrugs:

    Well, here's to the upcoming Saks event and my soon-to-be GST!
    P.S. Should I call in advance to "claim"/locate one? Is it usually a rare commodity?

    Thanks much!:smile: :heart: :love:
  11. I just sent back a Petite Shopper because it was too small for me, and I am waiting for my Beige GST with gold hardware to arrive tomorrow. It should have been here today but the snow delayed it. It's exactly like Miss Alice's bag.

    I have tried the GST on in white and really thought it would be functional. I'll be using mine for work and carrying files, etc. in it. I'll put my wallet in the middle compartment because it zips close.
  12. Definitely the gst if you are going to use it for school.
  13. Yes, call now and get them to start looking, they have been VERY elusive since the holidays.
  14. WILL DO! Thanks for the heads up~:yes:
  15. GST! I'm starting to want one myself now. hehe