Modern Chain Tote... Last Year or This Year's???

  1. Hi, I'm not YET planning to buy this one for this f/w.. But I just want your opinions on this... Which one looks better?? The Modern Chain Tote that is released this F/W or the White one from last season??? What do you guys think? I need your opinion since my eyes are both lusting (again..) for the two of them... But I want to be more practical.. So I'll choose one only.. Please help! Thanks!
  2. Can you still find a white one? I heard they were hard to come by.
  3. i like the one from last season and it's cheaper too. 2225 compared to the new price, i think 2795.
  4. FYI...Neiman Marcus in Houston had a white modern chain about a week ago. 713-621-7100.
  5. Thanks! So I guess I''ll have to go for the white one.. Thanks again! :biggrin: Any more opinions???
  6. Rica, the shiny calfskin modern chain tote that's coming out in the fall is gorgeous, imo.
  7. ^ yes i know.. And both of them are troubling me right now.. Coz' i want them both! LOL.. But I have to choose only one from them.. The White or the shiny calfskin.. What do you guys think?
  8. I prefer the fall glazed calfskin MC. I saw last year's MC in white at NM in SF yesterday. I don't know why but the white seemed so much bigger than the upcoming fall glazed MC - Maybe because it is white. It is a very large bag.
  9. I'm loving the F/W north south modern chain, is that the 07 you are considering? It is georgeous!
  10. My preference is last year's because of:

    1) The lower price!
    2) The thicker, distressed leather (very durable)
    3) The muted silver chains (as opposed to shiny for the new MC)

    I'm not one to mess with a prototype, i.e.: the glazed calfskin leather. This is Chanel's first season doing it; they've increased the price, and we don't even know how well it will hold up with frequent use. Will it fade? Peel?? What if doesn't look as nice after the break-in period??? I'm just not about to go there for $2650/$2750.
  11. I agree completely with Roey. I prefer last year's MC, but in a darker color. The MC in white feels huge in real life.
  12. I'm considering the e/w. :biggrin:

  13. Thanks for the opinion roey! I just think so too.. The price breaks me the decision making for me too. And the leather, is it really more durable than the new released one?! How about the weight? Is it really heavy? Because as you guys have known.. I'm not into heavy handbags... I just want a medium size, with a light weight! And I'm in love with the white roey!! Since I sold my white PST.. I don't have a white handbag anymore :sad:
  14. ITA and I think ROEY got the best color MC Tote out there - I just love it!!
  15. Aw, thanks Sherry! She's all packed up for tomorrow... I just love using this bag.

    Rica, the old MC leather is pretty substantial. Add in the thick chains and I think you may find it too heavy - it's heavier than the GST IMO. The glazed leather on the new bags is supposed to be lighter in weight.