Modern Chain Tote In Black Cruise 2008???

  1. Hi GIrls....
    So i know there are alot of us on here that are loving this bag, but I was wondering if anyone has any idea when they will actualy be hitting stores??? THanks for any help!!
  2. I think they are already available, saw one in NM last week
  3. i saw it this past friday in NM charlotte.
  4. Does the new modern chain tote have handles made of shiny resin material? I thought I saw this bag on display at the Chanel in SF... but wasn't sure what it was called.. but it looks very similar to the modern chain tote e/w but the handles were different. Tia~!
  5. I saw Modern Chain Tote in Black & White with resin chain. They also have smaller size.
  6. Chanel Ala Moana has the old style Modern Chain with metal in the N/S style, glazed leather.

    They also have the "new" Modern Chain with the resin handles and patent CC's. I prefer the old look better personally. I didn't try it on or touch it though, just looked at it on the display.
  7. how does it look like, any pics? TIA.
  8. I love the e/w Modern chain.

    The 2006 is my favorite and there's a brand new one listing now on eBay in the black matte distressed leather :nuts::nuts:
    My hubby might kill me if I buy it, but I'd die happy!:p