modern chain tote bag plse!

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  1. I just saw the Walk of Fame bag in person and really liked it but am worried about the following and wonder what everyone else thinks:

    do those resin-that-look-like-black-plastic make the bag "summery" and not something you'd want to be carrying with a winter coat and gloves etc?

    Will it look awful once it gets the usual lambskin scratches?

    Is it a "younger" bag because of those straps and not the usual chains?

    Not a classic?

    Thanks so much as I appreciate hearing everyone's opinions!

    Oh, here's a picture courtesy of Photomj, who deserves another thankyou since I didn't even know what this bag was called...although I know I'm going to tell someone it's called the walk of "shame", LOL.

  2. I love it. I just bought it and I think it does have a certain youthful air about it,probably because of the color. I still think it is conservative enough to be worn for a long time. Yes, its kind of a spring/summer color but some will undoubtedly wear it all year round. I know that I will here in Florida. Guess I had better get some more closed in shoes to match with it for cool weather.
    What resin? The chain feels like metal to me.
  3. Maybe we are talking about 2 different bags? I think I managed to post the photo from photomj below. On that bag, the black "chain" feels and looks like a plastic material to me (at least on the one I saw). In Florida though, you are not wearing heavy clothing and gloves etc ever so IMO you don't have to worry about winter vs summer bags.
    walk of fame modern chain.jpg
  4. I don't think this is the Walk of Fame bag Aimee.
  5. This is the modern chain tote..
  6. Oh. Thank you for clarifying that. I will see if I can change the title of this thread but I'm not sure it'll let me! Is this bag lambskin then?
  7. This is the new Modern Chain tote and my friend bought it. The handles are "resin" although they feel like plastic. This purse looks AWESOME on anyone! I'm tall and my friend is short and it looked good on both of us. I think it works both summer and winter.

    I think the bag is calfskin? I scratched a floor model with my nail (don't tell anyone) and it didn't show a thing! Saks had three of these and they didn't last one week! If you find one, get it! It's great!
  8. I wouldn't call this bag a "classic". That's for the GST, PST. This bag looks good on both young and old. My friend is in her early 30's and I am on the dark side of 40! ha ha
  9. "dark side of 40", that is so adorable! Well I'm on an even darker side of 40, and worry it could be too young, although it was so nice and light, I started thinking maybe I would get it, and then try and sell/consign a black Chanel I already own, with the heavy gold chains. Aack! Can't decide...which is why I posted those questions. This forum will steer me to the right decision for sure!
  10. I say go for the new bag! You can always keep the old one or sell/consign it!

    Take pics if you get it!!!
  11. Well, that explains the confusion. Yes, this one you like is entirely different! It is really pretty,too, in my opinion. It has a youthful but not childish vibe and looks like a year-rounder to me. You know, all bags are going to get a little worn eventually so just live with it and don't worry. Of course, some are tougher than others so take that into consideration if some wear really bothers you.:nuts:
  12. so this bag is not easily scratch? any zip closure on top? thinking to buy this as my travelling bag..cause its light but still confuse black or white.
  13. Those of you who have purchased this bag what do you think about it now. Do you think the resin handles will stand up to a lot of wear and tear?
  14. I didn't buy this bag after all, so I can't comment on that.
    If I lived someplace like Florida or California where you don't get bundled up in fur coats, scarves, & gloves for a good portion of the year, then I would reconsider it. But I just felt it looked silly, i.e. too summery, with winter furs. Most of the time that I am carrying a bag, I'm outside! :sad:
  15. I tried on the hobo and I loved it! i like the look, its fun, I was surprised I liked it, before I admit I thought it looked cheap, but the bag is lightweight and fun!