Modern Chain Style Number

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  1. Hi all :smile:

    I need the Style Number from the Modern Chain Tote the New shiny Leather and the old one. Thanks in advance
  2. For shiny MC N/S: A33376Y04546.
  3. I'm looking for the Style Number for this two Totes (got the Pics from the Ref. Library,hope it's okay).
    MCtote2-1.jpg Pictures%20007.jpg
  4. Nobody have the Style Number for the e/w Modern Chain Tote old and new?
  5. I like the Modern Chain tote with the resin chains on Ashley Tisdale. Are they still available?
  6. This tote has been recalled due to the resin chains being consistently faulty. :tdown:
  7. Call SCP boutique in Costa Mesa. They have black EW and white NS.
  8. what do you mean by consistently faulty? i think i saw a few of them in chanel boutiques in Hong Kong, and I actually really like them!
  9. They are lovely, a pity Chanel recalled the bag. But, I think some boutiques still have them.