Modern chain price in Europe

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  1. Could somebody help me to find out the price of E/W modern chain tote in glazed calfskin in Europe? I know that the 06 leather was 1845 Euros. I'm sooo in love in the new one!!!!! HELP!
  2. Yes! Just got one about 2 hours ago:p in The Hague, The Netherlands! It is 1950 Euros - but I got it from an exclusive boutique (that only sells accessories by Chanel but clothes from a mix of designers) not the boutique in Amsterdam. Do not know if the price differs from the actual Chanel boutique. It is the glazed e/w tote, on the box it is called the Grand Shopping Tote. The N/S was there too for 1850 or so, I do not recall the exact price...... where are you thinking of getting it? I did not plan to but walked by the window today and saw it and tried it on and the rest is history!