Modern Chain Owners

  1. What are your likes and dislikes of this bag? Do you find that it can get heavy as a handbag? What do you use it for a handbag or tote or both? I need feedback I am considering purchasing this bag in black.
  2. I have the flap and I find it can get a little heavy throughout the day. Its a hot bag though and I don't regret purchasing it for a second. I was considering the totes and found the super huge one to be a little heavy, but I love the design and if I had the chance to see it again, I would seriously consider it.
  3. which modern chain bag style are u considering? i have the e/w tote. it isn't that heavy really, but i only put in the few bare necessities like wallet, phone, ipod, sunglasses w/ hardcase...i once put in a magazine and my gym clothes (yes! my sneakers! abuse! ha! :p) and it was fine. i use it sometimes for work and on weekends.
  4. Ok, here's my list:

    The look of this bag.
    The ruggedness of the leather (see up close pics).
    The chunky chain. I wear a lot of platform shoes (short girl) and somehow the chunky chain ties in great with the chunky shoes - if that makes sense.
    It holds a lot.

    It can be a little heavy if you carry it shopping ALL day. But it is worth it b/c of the stares you get from the SAs! LOL
    This bag has a bit of a "motorcyle-chic" look to it. Since I am in my early 40's I always worry now that I'm trying to look younger than I am so that is a con for me.

    I've starting tying twillies or scarves on her to dress her up a bit and be a little more mature!

    Here's some pics of the leather:


    And all dressed up:

  5. Nice close-up shots, Sherry! And I love those Twillys tied on!!
  6. gor geous bag indeed!
    I actually waitlisted and bought the red one, but took it back immediately.
    For me it was way too heavy and I didn't like how it collapsed. It was an important lesson for me, I learned that I like my bags to sit up a little if I set them down, this one falls over, like a Coco Cabas or many other lignes.
  7. I love the white e/w modern chain tote!! But i was wondering... how heavy it is??? I haven't tried it on before, just saw it from a second hand shop here in Hong Kong...
  8. I think it would be a GREAT work bag - like going to and from the office. I believe Mon has 2 and uses them for work.

    My MacBookPro fits in it perfectly.

    Swanky is right - it is an unstructured bag so if you don't like that this bag isn't for you. It doesn't seem to bother me. I like structured handheld bags (like a speedy) but I'd rather have a smushy tote. KWIM?

    Roey - thanks for the compliments. I've gone a little H scarf and twilly crazy lately. I've got to snap some more pics. Lately I've been wearing a twilly tied around my ankle with sandals - so chic.

    And you know I secretly lust after your bag. I just love the color - so unique!
  9. I'm almost positive somebody posted the weight here before. I don't have a digital scale so I can't get a good read for you. Do a search. Does anybody else remember this or am I going crazy?
  10. I find this bag to be surprisingly comfortable. The straps don't dig into my shoulder and they stay on my shoulder w/out slipping off. I carry quite a bit in my e/w tote. I don't find it to be heavy at all and I'm a wimp.
  11. Very true!
  12. Now ladies after those wonderful explanations about the mc e/w (older version) are there any left?

    Maxter great looking bag?
  13. iqaganda's MC thread

    ^Here's another thread that has been going around. I've read that there are a few left here and there. Check out the thread or the shopping sub-forum. Usually other tPFers have seen some and post.

    Thanks for the compliments on the bag!
  14. my NM had one yesterday. PM me if you want Shannon's info.
  15. I had two like Maxter said, but I sold the white one - I hadn't carried it yet and I was jonesing for a new bag so something had to go. I only have the red one now and I love it. It's a fabulous bag. I agree with Maxter's assesments (pros/cons). I don't feel like I'm too old to carry it though. Forty is the new thirty didn't you know?