Modern Chain Owners (or anyone who has seen it IRL) *Pic enclosed*

  1. My s/a has a Modern Chain e/w tote in grey (taupey-grey) set aside for me (pic below). I was originally going to wait until fall to see the new line of MC bags, but have a feeling they will be accompanied by an inflated price tag. It may make better sense to buy now.

    That said, I heard that the MC leather is untreated and absorbs oils easily. A friend of mine saw a red flap at Saks that looked very sad from handling - lots of spotty areas. Can any MC owners shed some light? Are you super careful with your totes and how is the leather holding up??

    I am not 100% certain I will be purchasing the bag (My sister did a great job of enabling me tonight though!) so it will be up for grabs at Nordstrom Seattle if I decline.

    Hope this picture attaches!

  2. Hey Roey! Don't own a MC but I have to say I love the color! Good lucking deciding!
  3. I have a red MC flap, however I have only used it a couple of times so far. So I can't really comment on the oils and how the leather wears. However, I think red in the MC is a bit different than the black or grey in that the color itself "new" is kind of spotty. It's not a solid flat color, it's very dimensional if that makes sense.

    I will say that the grey is a beautiful taupey color, but it does distress or show scratches like the grey Coco Cabas. Doesn't bother me, but I know this has been mentioned by pfers in the past.

    I say it's a keeper! I wish I had one.
  4. I have the red MC north/south tote.. the leather is holding up well imo.. minor hairline scratches on some parts but not that many.. and not really that noticeable unless u start analyzing the bag closely. :amuse: it is not one solid shade of red but i think thats just how the leather is. I love it to bitS! :tender::tender:
  5. Roey, I only have the mc in black. I absolutely love the taupey gray!! I think you should get it! If you decide against it, please pm me. I think I have room for it here!
  6. I have the red mc tote east/west. It looks the same as when I bought it and I toss it around all over the place. The leather is weathered looking, so I don't think you can do much to hurt it.
  7. I have red and black. I've had the red the longest and it gets carried a lot. I have some slight wear/fading in a couple of the corners. I have been pleased with how the red has rebounded from spills and water. I haven't treated it with anything. I sat it on the floor next to my "end of the row" seat at an NBA game while I had my food tray in my lap and someone spilled some red beverage that seeped all down our aisle. I didnt notice until the end of the game. It got all over my boyfriends coat which was also on the floor and my red modern chain! I frantically wiped it down as best as I could in the restroom and it dried and you couldn't tell anything had happened. Needless to say I stopped putting it on the floor at games...I have the same seats all season and there is nowhere to put a bag so I bring a scarf and I tie it around the straps of my bags and the railing to the side of me and let it hang.
  8. I think that is perfect for you, Ro. I don't have this one, but it looks like a "Roey bag" to me!
  9. OMG, Roey! You have got to get this bag. I have the black but would be all over this gorgeous color. I'm second in line after RC if it is a no on the bag! LOL

    It will hold up well. It isn't the same leather as the outdoor ligne but it is somewhat "distressed" not like the soft, smooth calfskin that is on some bags and wallets. I am going to try to get a really good closeup of mine so you can see the leather. I just got a new Canon and want to take her for a spin. Check back later today and I will post here!
  10. i :heart: it, esp the color, but don't own from this line, so can't help you out there...good luck deciding!
  11. LOVES!If u dont get it..LMK!!LOL!......This bag needs me..heehee!
  12. hmmm I think its an okay bag. IMO I think it suits someone who is edgy & very trendy, its not a classic bag. If you are looking for something classic then I would pass, however if you are looking for something different and unique, then go for it!
  13. i think it's a gorgeous bag, but seeing the chain being so thick, i wonder if it's very heavy.
  14. ^ it is heavy!

    I have a black one I wear when Im in LA ( because everyone there is so fab hehe)...alot of members have complained about it ( do a search!!!)
  15. I have a red e/w tote that I've been carrying it since buying it. The only thing I note is some wear to the leather where the chain link connects to the bag, it's not noticeable except to me. Otherwise, it's in great condition and I carry it everyday.:yes: