Modern Chain on the way!!

  1. :yahoo:
    I am so excited! I had to share! My boyfriend got me the Modern Chain Flap bag in Black as my Christmas pressie! I was so in lust over this bag after seeing Hikarupanda's pics! I absolutely HAD to have it! I ordered it from the Chanel Boutique, Las Vegas (Canada didn't get the flap style in :shrugs: ) I was torn between the black and the white, but being in Canada, where winters are dirty and mucky, I opted for the black. I can't wait till she arrives! :love:
    I will certainly post pics when she arrives!
    Thanks for allowing me to share!
  2. CONGRATS! Cant wait to see it!!!
  3. thats so exciting!!! I just got mine a few weeks ago in black as well and I love her!! You have a very nice boyfriend!!!:yahoo:
  4. That's great! Be sure to post photos!
  5. Ohmygosh!! I'm so jealous!!! I'd kill for a red. Congrats, and pics! Pics! Pics!
  6. ^^^ red tote
  7. I saw this bag in NM Boston on Monday and it is TDF! Congrats!!

  8. That is reassuring! I just ordered it not seeing it IRL. Canada got every style in the Modern Chain, EXCEPT the flap! :sad:
  9. An update! My newest baby finally came in today!! It was sitting in customs for two days and I was on the edge of my seat wanting to go and get her!! So after a *gulp* $300CDN in duties and taxes...i have her!! I will post pics of my Chanel family soon. I love her!

    Thanks for letting me share!
  10. Congratulations!!!

    Did Chanel/Las Vegas use Fed Ex or UPS? Did you go pick it up at Customs or was it delivered to your door?

    Did you pay a lot more than if the Chanel stores in Canada had ordered it directly from Europe?
  11. They used Fedex. It was intl' express so it came quite quickly, it just got held up in customs. I picked it up at the Fedex building b/c I knew I wasn't going to be home today. All I know is that they recognized the bag was made in France so I had to pay 10% duties and then the 6% GST in Alberta.

    I never knew you could order it from Europe!! I will have to try that next time.
  12. Congrats....
    Pics please??
  13. I have no idea if you can order from Europe. (It's probably not worth it.)

    I was wondering if you ended up paying a lot more by ordering from the States and then paying duty and taxes. When the Canadian Chanel Boutiques get their merchandise directly from Europe, the prices seem to be more reasonable than if I were to buy from the States and pay duty, taxes and convert the dollar (even though it is high now).

    I'm not criticizing! I've done it too... many times. We're not getting a bargain, that's for sure. But we're getting what we want and that's the most important thing. :smile:
  14. I tried to get my local boutique to order the bag in for me, but my SA said it was the only style in the Modern Chain that they would not be getting in and couldn't get in. Next time, I'm going to try to fall in love over bags that are in Canada! We sure do get the shaft on styles here, especially with regards to Chanel. *cries*
  15. Aww...that's so EXCITING...your bf's so sweet!

    Can't wait to see pics...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!