Modern Chain N/S or Sharpei N/S

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  1. Hey all,

    Okay...I know these two are completely different, but I just purchased the Sharpei N/S (the one without the CC's) from Neiman's for a super great deal *($9**), and I also purchased the Modern Chain Glazed leather in N/S (not on sale but 10% off so around $25**). I like both bags, but should probably only keep one. are from the reference pages....just a disclaimer...

    Modern Chain Pros: Cool, edgy, chic, and caviar is durable

    Modern Chain Cons: heavier than most bags

    N/S SHARPEI TOTE...2350 plus tax..

    Sharpei Pros: Understated, elegant, edgy and lightweight

    Sharpei Cons: not as durable due to lambskin.

    I am a mother of an infant and a keep this in mind. I thought the Sharpei would be great to take into clients as it does not have any "name branding" all over it....I just think the look is cool.

    I have always really liked the Modern Chain, but not sure if I should keep it due to the weight, but love the glazed caviar...I did get it 10% off....

    What are your thoughts??
  2. LOL..thats a pic of my Sharpei!..I still have it and LOVE IT!Its WAY lighter and a breeze to carry around..Im NOT a fan of the MC bag..too heavy for me!
  3. I think the sharpei is great and i know it wasnt a big hit because it didnt have an y logos. Great ligne ! If you want the classic bag with no CC this is it. The modern chain a bag for life, very heavy but super duper durable and looks better with age.
  4. That sharpei is one of my all time fave Chanels. Is that even still in stores??
  5. My SA that I just love called me from her NM and told me about this bag...I had called her and told her that I was interested in this if it was ever returned....and sure enough...this one came back! I initially wanted the E/W for a diaper bag for my baby and toddler, but I think the N/S is a little nicer....I may have to keep both...
  6. I received my sharpei E/W today from NM's sale and I LOVE this bag! I like that is is not pretentious since it does not have the big CC's- It is classic- yet it is also very modern and edgy! I am also in love with the soft, luscious feel of the lambskin. I really do love the bag more than I actually thought I would!
  7. The modern chain
  8. I just won a N/S modern chain off of eBay so I'm incredibly biased towards the modern chain. :yes:
  9. hmm modern chain for me also!:yes:
  10. I got the Sharpei tote just a few days ago and love it. I love that it's totally lux, but still understated. I agree with it being good for when you don't want a logo, but still want a great bag.