Modern Chain Ligne and other thoughts on new Lignes

  1. So my question, is the new cute and trendy lignes that come out every season....will they stand the test of time?

    I know the quilited ligne is the classic. But, for the other fun ones that come out each season, do they last?

    My first Chanel was the Modern Chain Hobo in brown, and I adore it. For some reason it called to me over the quilted. However, do people who are Chanel experts, look at the other lignes and think...ooh that was so 2006, 2005 etc...Do they make you look dated? Is it better to go classic?

    Do the Chanel SA, look at you as trendy? And not as respectful? I've had issues in LV.
  2. No, I don't think so at all.

    The beauty of Chanel is most of the pieces ARE pretty timeless. I mean, it's hard to be as timeless as a Classic Flap, but Chanel doesn't make many 'novelty' items, so I'd say about 95% of Chanel's pieces have lasting power.

    IMO of course! ;)

    I think SA's admire some older bags as they haven't seen them in a while.
    I know what year's a lot of bags came out, but I don't connect it to anything when I see them, I don't judge a bag based on it's debut date.
  3. Actually both of my SAs love the fact that I like the more quirky Chanels. For me part of the fun is to have a bag from any designer that doesn't scream the designer's name.

    As for LV, I think part of the issue may be that when new lignes are introduced there is an almost FRENZY that overcomes the clientelle and that gets played out to the SAs. I remember one SA from LV telling me that she was hired for ready-to-wear yet spent all of her time in handbags when the Murakami craze started. (She seemed a tad upset by that.) So for them it's one craze after another. Chanel has their IT bags but for some reason we all seem to find a bag that suits us - whether it was our first choice or not.