Modern Chain Intel 2008

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  1. So.... I was just with Brendan at Chanel 57th St. It started out at Barney's when this girl sat down next to me with the glazed black. My heart skipped a beat. I passed this over b/c I had the distressed gray and I thought I didn't need another one..... well... I went straight to Brendan and I found out that not only will there be 2 glazed black versions (the same as 07), but that the price HAS NOT CHANGED!

    I thought that was exciting. $2750 - the same as the GLAZED before....
  2. Really? That is awesome. I want to get a glazed too. Thanks for the info.:flowers:
  3. two weeks ago the timeless modern classic was 2650 now its 2750?
  4. She's talking about the modern chain, not the timeless classic. Different bag. :smile:
  5. YAY! Thank you, Jenna for making my day! I've been wanting the glazed MC forever! I was already planning to get it for fall, but I thought for sure it would cost a least a couple hundred more! -Did Brendan mention when these bags would start filtering in? -and did he say specifically how the 2 different glazed versions would vary? ...sorry for all the questions, I'm really excited to get this bag!! (can you tell? ;))
  6. Thanks for the intel Jenna.
  7. I assume from May-July... I didn't ask b/c I know I'll get it eventually. I also wanted to say that the one I am talking about is the E/W version. They are having a more N/S version, but from the picture, it doesn't look like the old N/S... so we'll have to wait for the trunk show to verify.
  8. ^^^ Yay! Thank you for the reply. I'm also interested in what the N/S version will look like, but like you, I'm definitely getting the E/W! ;) Thanks again for the info, Jenna -I'm skipping along to class now because that made me so happy. LOL
  9. That is exciting! I'm hoping it will still have the metal hardware and that they won't try the resin again (Do you know anything about this?).

    Do you know if they will have the brown (dark grey) back? I really need a brown one of these!
  10. I'm glad the price has not changed. The 1-800 said it will be in black only and will come out pre-fall, August-September time frame. I hope it will come out in May-June as Jenna said.
  11. It is only coming in the glazed black with metal chains like the 2007 glazed. Same thing. No other colors no other chains.
  12. Thanks for the info! I am interested in this bag too, and I love the glazed leather, but I only want this bag if it will be the metal chains, not the plastic ones.
  13. I saw a glazed modern chain E/W tote at my local Saks yesterday. I believe the retail price is $2,750. Please PM me for my SA indo if you are really interested.
  14. soooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! I can't wait!
  15. Wowie, looks like I could tell my mom to go for the glazed and we could swap our bags! :graucho: