Modern Chain Hobo - Dimensions??

  1. Hehe..these are the pix of mine..I have posted these pix last week...
    and I promise I will post a pix of the Modern Chain Hobo of me wearing it tomorrow.......I am in my PJ now...('s 10 PM in CA)

    But here is the dimensions of the MC Hobo....

    18 inches across, 13 and a half from the zipper to the bottom, and the chain is about 20 inches long (not including the chain that's embeded in the leather)

    It's pretty big, I would say....but it looks alot prettier when I have some stuff in it and it drops naturally....:smile: it drops down to my hips....(approx)

    It comes in white, red, black, and taupe(or greyish brown...I think they call it grey in their book..but it looks more brown!)

    I loved the white one so much but I didn't think it would be as practical as black...

    I hope I have been helpful!

  2. Nice pics!! LOL (re: posting them last wk.) Just in time for me to ck. out...I'm currently looking for a black bag. ;) It's really cute!!:yes:

    Wow, ya it sounds like a nice size. I like that! Hmm...I've been going crazy trying to decide on a nice black shoulder bag. This one sounds like a good candidate.

    Haha, I'm in my PJ's too! LOL!! I'm also in CA. Bed time for me. Zzzz...:sleepy:

    Thanks so much for all your info. Very informative, and helpful!! So,....any cons I should be aware of??

    Can't wait to see pics!! TIA!! :flowers:
  3. Thought up another ?.....Are there any pockets inside?? Cell ph. pocket? Or zipper pocket?? Or...??