Modern Chain Flap from BBOS

  1. Just got the brown modern chain flap from BBOS this morning.The bag is like brand new and come with authenticity card match with the bag but no box.Great experience with BBOS.
  2. what's BBOS?
  3. Bag borrow or steal
  4. Congrats!!! Everyone's seemed to have such positive experiences with BBOS...glad a PFer snagged that MC flap! Enjoy! :yahoo:
  5. Oh a MC flap? I am jealous! Congrats on the purchase. May I ask how much you paid for it? It seems though BBOS has been helping a lot of PFers get some great bags at great prices!
  6. I love the bag and can't wait to put her in action..I paid 1,150.00+4.95 for shipping.
  7. Yay!! A TPF'er got it!! I purchased that bag but wound up returning it since it was a tad too small for my items.

    It is quite gorg and I looved how impeccable its condition was!
  8. haha i love how tpfers are the ones who pick up these great bags. its makes sense though... we spend (or at least i do).. way too much time online searching for beauties
  9. congrats!! I was hoping a pfer got it! Refresh my memory, did you get the black or brown? I love my brown MC flap :tup:

    whoops just noticed you got the brown. ALRIGHT!!!
  10. Yes!!I got the brown one and love it.Thanks
  11. Congrats...i'm glad u got her as i heard a lot of positive experiences purchasin it from BBOS....:smile:
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. Congrats. I would have jumped on it if it was white. That's a beautiful bag.
  14. Any modeling pics?
  15. Do you know if BBOS if still selling any of the modern chain bag from the pre winter collection? been searching high and low for the bag. I'm so in luvvvv with that bag!