modern chain flap: anyone seen it recently?

  1. hi everyone,

    was wondering if anyone's spotted a modern chain flap in grey/black/red recently in stores? or would i have to resort to eBay for it?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. I had seen the grey/brownish color last week at Saks in Beverly Hills. They also had white. Not sure if they still have it....give them a call. Joon is very helpful.
  3. There was a red one at NM in Charlotte, but it's been over a month.
  4. Saks in NY has the brown tote last week.
  5. there's a black one and a red one on eBay at the moment, miew! (but then again im sure u've already seen them too haha)
  6. i saw the black one and the bidding war on it scares the panties off me. :sad:

    i didn't see the red one tho. mehhh.
  7. ^ and thanks ladies, for the heads up, i'll ring the various branches soon.
  8. will send u the link on msn, woman!
  9. Saks in Troy, MI had a brown and a white as of last Tuesday. Call Mary at 248-643-9000 if you are interested.
  10. My SA at Saks called me to say that he had a grey modern chain flap on hold.....I think that I may pass on SA is Joseph @917-776-9353..He's great!.Call him and see if he still has it. luv the color!
  11. Anyone else see one latelty?
  12. :crybaby: I so would have bought this one. It was 20 miles down the road from me and I had no idea:crybaby:

  13. I heard there's a RED MC flap still available at Saks NYC....not 100% sure it's still there (heard it was still there as of Monday), but do call Joseph @ 917-776-9353....hopefully it's still available.
  14. ooh will you send me the links? i don't want to buy, [i'm broke!], i just want to know how much they go for because i want one in the future.
  15. my SA told me they didn't get any red, she lied?:crybaby: