Modern Chain E/W tote

  1. can someone tell me how much is the modern chain E/W tote?
    And, what size does it come with? Any pix???
    Somehow...Im falling in love for the bag..................:heart:
  2. I think the E/W only comes in one size. $2750.00
  3. Wait, so it's no longer $2,285???
  4. Fall 06 was $2285 (or 95). Fall 07 with the glazed caviar leather is $2750.
  5. Well, I wouldn't be surprised if Chanel marked up the price again with all these increases. Although, I thought the increases were only for classics bus I suppose the modern chain ligne could have been affected as well!

    I absolutely LOOOOVE the glazed leather version. :drool:
  6. What's up with all the price increases?
  7. ^There are many, many threads going on about them. Chanel basically wants to make their goods more exclusive by jacking up the prices. Makes me sick just thinking about it.