Modern Chain E/W tote - new leather VS old.

  1. What do you think? Is the new grazed caviar more durable than last season's leather? I am thinking of getting one of the E/W totes but know nothing about the type of leathers. Should I get an older leather on eBay or do I wait my turn @ CHANEL and get the glazed one? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!:smile:

    P.S. If there is a thread discussing similar topic, could you point me in the right direction. Thanx!:heart:
  2. They said the new one is lighter than the old one.. I have the thread before... Give me a few minutes to post it again.
  3. Yep-I heard that too..the older one is heavier.I saw the MC at the trunk show..I liked it better than the old one..The leather looks way more durable too
  4. I love the leather and hardware on the older version but have not seen the glazed caviar IRL to give a fair opinion. I personally feel you can't go wrong with either. The leather on my grey fall 06 MC has a nice finish, not glazed but not dull either. The bag always gets a lot of nice comments when we go out together.

    If I could afford the n/s glazed MC in dark brown I'd be on the wait list at Nordstrom but alas, it is not in my budget this season. The MC is a great tote in either style (n/s or e/w).
  5. ITA with Roey.

    Here's some close up pics of the MC leather from 06.

  6. Just saw the new one today. Agree with above. I really like both. The new one is a wee bit lighter than the older one and I think I prefer it a tiny bit more.
  7. The new one is a bit lighter? I thought it was the same in terms of heaviness.
  8. Here's a close up of this years tote, taken with a flash, which makes it look bad, now that I look at it. It's prettier than this.
  9. I prefer the new glazed calfskin vs. last years leather. It is beautiful IRL. Also, it did seem lighter when I tried it on at the trunk show.
  10. I prefer the old one! :biggrin:
  11. I think I might prefer the old one, I like the more tarnished looking hardware though. Also, one thing I love about my 06 tote and hobo in particular are the veins in the leather (like the pic above).
  12. I've never seen the new MC but the old one is BEAUTIFUL!
  13. Actually I love both! I have ordered the new one and had shipped out already! :yahoo: can't wait to receive it soon!
  14. ^^^Oooh...please post pics when you get it! I'm thinking I should bite the bullet and get this bag.