Modern Chain E/W Tote In Stock NOW

  1. I've been able to get a hold of a Black or White East/West Modern Chain Totes if you're interested. They are $2225+tax. PM me and I'll give you the store and SA that can help you. Here's a pic of how it looks like from a previous thread.:yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. This isn't the same as the MC large tote is it? There's a E/W, N/S, and large? Or am I confused...?
  3. It's the E/W as pictured also call the large modern tote. N/S is more square. I don't believe there is a large. Check the reference library. There are several different versions.
  4. Love this bag! I would be all over it if I wasnt' in which red bag to keep dilema :smile: