Modern Chain & Diamond Shine Sighting

  1. Hi Ladies! I just came back from Bergdorf's and saw the samples of both of these bags and I must say they are GORGEOUS, AMAZING and TDF!!!:heart: :yahoo: The only downside (for me anyway) is that both of them were very big, a bit too big for my taste. But the again the Chanel SAs at BG were so rude and unhelpful that they couldn't tell me which size the bags were (small or large). The only thing they did tell me is that the samples they had on display were the only size and color they ordered (white in the modern chain and black patent in the diamond shine). I think the diamond shine at BG was the larger version of the one pictured in the thread "More Eye Candy" because it had kind of a back compartment that closed like a change purse that I didn't like very much. I don't think the one on the forum was like that. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you ladies know that they are beauties.

    Swanky, I think you will love the modern chain because you seem to like big tote bags and this one is hot!! I'm just hoping that the one I saw was the large version and not the smaller because I really LOVE this bag!
  2. I saw the modern chain tote in Choc brown..I died!It was TDF!! I pre-ordered it..It reminds me alot of my lux tote,BUT NICER..LOL
  3. Jill, were there 2 sizes for the tote? Which one did you see?
  4. Oooh, thanks for the info!
    I hope my NM has some tomrrow!
    I bet those were large sizes:yes:
  5. I hope they were the large sizes but even tho they were a little big for me they were still so beautiful!! I want both of them!!! Good luck Swanky! I hope you get to see them tomorrow!
  6. Can you estimate about how wide the modern chain was? I'd really like to get this bag but I need to know sizes.
  7. Molls, I'm not very good about estimating sizes and I did ask the SA for the dimensions and she said she didn't have any info on it. Llike I said, she was not helpful at all! But the bag was pretty big to me. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I just don't want to give you the wrong dimensions.
  8. This comes in 2 sizes?I thought the book only had one size for the tote that was $2225?
  9. According to the Chanel 800 # (which I called yesterday) it comes in 2 Classic sizes, 2 Tote sizes and the Hobo. They couldn't give me the sizes of each because they didn't have that info.
  10. I have to laugh at Chanel's 800#, that line is supposed to be for customer information and they NEVER have size info :wtf: . I would say that this piece of info is extremely important, and to me, more important than colors, ARGH!!!
  11. The tote I saw was the same size as my Lux ligne tote..if that helps!!
  12. OMGosh!! Just saw the modern chain bag in white, tan and brown. I loved the white and brown--the white is a nice winter white and just gorgeous and the brown is a very pretty deep chocolate. I wasn't crazy about the tan at all--it was very sort of tangerine color.

    I am not sure on exact sizes of the two totes as they didn't have those yet. I am preordered in the white for both sizes.

    Ouch, this is stacking up to be a hard season on my wallet!!
  13. Mac, do you know if the Modern Chain totes can be carried on the shoulder or are they strictly tote bags? This ligne sounds so much nicer than the Cloudy Bundle collection.
  14. Thanks Jill, that does help.

    I hope to see this line in person in the next two weeks.

    Mac, so the white is not a true white? It's an off-white?
  15. roey, the large one you can carry on shoulder, I tried it today. But it looks HUGH on me. The small version can only be hand-carried according to my SA, but I have not seen it in person.