Modern Chain Colours

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  1. Hi ladies! I'm on this Chanel Rampage :roflmfao: hahaha and have just discovered that I like the Modern Chain flap now (was more into the classic styles before) :yes: Does anyone know what colours they come in and if they come in a variety of leathers eg caviar, lambskin etc. Thanks!
  2. Modern Chain is that distressed looking calfskin. It is available in white, red, black and a brown. I may be mistaken if there are any other colors, but these are the four I'm aware of. There is more red available in stores, some white and not many black. If you check out the Chanel Reference under Modern Chain you can see all of the colors. HTH!
  3. Thanks. I saw the red, white and black one in the reference thread. Does anyone know if it comes in grey?
  4. Yes, there is grey but it is more of a taupe than grey so it looks brown! If you are looking for a true grey the MC grey is definitely not it.
  5. Does anyone have a picture of the grey Modern Chain? I'd love to see it.
  6. ^ I just saw the grey yesterday at NM..ITS HOT! I loved it..its defiantely brownish though..LOVE that color!
  7. Oh ok, so it is nothing like the reissue grey? Ya, if anyone has a picture that would be great!