Modern Chain Black leather - color coming off?

  1. I used my black modern chain tote for the first time this weekend, and it turned all of my white shirts and sweaters black! :crybaby:Have any of you had any problems with the color wearing off of your modern chains?

    What do you guys think I should do? I purchased the bag in the UK on Bond st.- does anyone know what their return policy is? Very sad because I love the bag.
  2. But this is a common problem with a lot of colored bags. In fact, my local chanel did warned me before that if I'm wearing white/light-colored blouse, I have to be careful if i'm using colored bags...:sad:
  3. Thats insane!They shouldnt do that! Ive owned 4 black Chanel bags and NEVER had that happen! Take it back!
  4. ^^^^

    I agree, and show them your blouse.
  5. It really isn't uncommon unfortunately. There's a lot of bags whose leather color transfers for a bit. . . just like new dark wash jeans do or anything else.
  6. OOOH! Not good! I've used my gray, and it hasn't rubbed off. I wonder if I should worry about the red? :confused1:
  7. I would be careful the first month or so only wearing dark colors w/ them.Just like light colored bags can get color transfer from your clothes, the lether from your bag can do it as well.I have a white Vintage Ligne Tote that I've been pretty careful w/ as I'm afraid my dark wash jeans, coat, tops. . . will transfer to it.
  8. I :heart: the modern chain!

    You should return it and get the white one. You can just be extra careful not to get it dirty. :yes:

  9. I have owned bags that were MUCH MUCH less expensive and they were leather, but they did not transfer the color. Chanel should make exceptions when this happens. If it were mine I would speak with my SA at the store I purchased from.
  10. I have the same mc tote in black and have not had any problems with it -- and I have carried it many times.
  11. Often it depends on the leather - certain leathers are more prone to rub-off because the dyeing process is different than with say caviar leather. A lof of the 'softer' leather bags have major ruboff problems.
  12. So sorry to hear this! Appreciate you sharing your experience with the MC tote...this helps me make some decisions... Hope you are able to resolve to your satisfaction.