Modern Chain bags rolling into stores

  1. I just got off the phone with Chanel on 57th in NY and they have started to receive the black and brown modern chain bags this week.:yahoo:
  2. No way! I cannot wait to see pics. Which one are you on the list for?
  3. The large white tote and dark grey tote.:yes:
  4. I'm anxious to see pics of this line too! Hopefully they won't call out my name!
  5. Chanel SCP had the dark grey in stock last week as well.
  6. Ack!
    My NM isn't getting theirs until the end of this month :sad:
  7. are these still considered fall winter bags? i was wondering if anyone knew what to expect for spring or cruise and when
  8. :yahoo: Can't wait!! I've been working so much that I haven't been on here much. Hope to catch up later this week!! Miss you all!
  9. I hope I get to see one this weekend as I'm going shopping and I'm hoping to come home with an amazing chanel bag :graucho: .
  10. yes, they are F/W '06
  11. Ooh very nice! I can't wait to see :flowers:
  12. I saw the brown in Las Vegas this weekend. I hope the white looks different...less distressed... than the brown. And the one I was looking at was BIG!!! Huge. Too big for me.
  13. Man, I want to see some pictures soooo bad.
  14. Thanks for the update Smooth. I can't wait to see it IRL. I am on the list for the flap althought I may pass on it if it is distressed since I already have the diamond stitch.
  15. Thanks!!! You know where I'll be today!!