Modern Chain Bag - Questions?

  1. Hey I was wondering for you girls that own the Modern Chain Bag, is it too big or a good size. Also is it comfortable to put over shoulders? Do you use it as an everyday bag? I really like this, but also am put out a little by the cost, although Chanel in comparison to MJ or others is a lot more expensive these days! Also, what kind of leather is it?

  2. which bag?
    It's calfskin and wonderful but can't tell you much about fit w/o knowing whch bag you're interested in.
  3. well I generally like a large bag comparable to the MJ Stella, or a large Bag that I can carry over my shoulder.
  4. Okay, you're referring to the totes then, not the flaps.
    They definitely fit over the shoulder, there's 2 sizes a large and a small, even the small is pretty massive IMO.
    I'll attach photos of mine {returned it.} It IS pricey though, but it's A LOT of bag.
    Mine is the small tote in red, I'm almost 5'3" for reference:
    DSCF2444.jpg DSCF2448.jpg DSCF2439.jpg
  5. I have the large in black and have ordered it in red. It is distressed looking, fits on the shoulder (even with my coat on) and I love it. I holds a ton and is very smooshy and molds to your body.
  6. hmm.. sorry for my interuption.. but does the MC tote scratch really easily? Is the material the kind that leaves loads of 'greyish/whitish' marks if we use it often? :confused1:
  7. thanks Swanky Mama! I do love it, but then again I love the medium bowler too! I recently bought a black Chanel satchel Chevron style, forget the exact name and love it, but it is not a carry it every day kind of bag. Anyway, while I do like this style, the price put me a out as I have never spent over 2K for a bag, it is hard enough going over the 1K limit, so with that said...I think I will just lem away at everyone elses!