***** Moderators, please UNBAN me!!!

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I created this screen name to get back on the TPF board to reach the moderators who have banned me for no reason! I am totally confused why. They did this 3 weeks ago and then reinstated my membership the next day without the courtesy of an email explaining why i was banned or why i was being reinstated.

I have emailed Megs to no avail. I have also emailed the general contact information for TPF. It seems very odd to me that they hide behind email, taint your screen name with a childish/vulgar message "sofaking banned" (i mean, really, why not just spell it correctly if you want to say it?) and then don't respond. Does anyone know how to get them to respond?

If so please email me at whybanned20 at hotmail dot com, as i am assuming they will ban this email too, and then no one will be able to send me a message. WTF?:cursing:


May 11, 2006
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How are they supposed to know who you are if you dont mention your banned id? And didnt you say you were reinstated? Were you Re-banned?

Mar 10, 2006
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so if you are reinstated, why are you using a new name? i am confused??? I am 100% sure they would not do it for no reason or without merit. i am almost positive this is not the ideal method to get their attention....why not just enjoy being reinstated and brush up on tpf rules...there aren't that many that need to be followed: 1) treat others and this forum respectfully, 2) no profanity, 3) no selling, overtly or covertly and 4) just treat others as you'd want to be treated. simple!
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i haven't dont anything to be banned, believe me. all my messages were polite and of value to the TPF Hermes topic. I was banned, then reinstated, then banned again today using my original screenname. I had to create this new one to get back on the board to even reach the link for the TPF contact information.

by leaving this message, i am hoping the TPF moderator can email me and explain what is going on. i haven't violated any rules. it's very strange.


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Dec 15, 2008
Yes if you are reinstated why using new name? Or did you mean you signed up with new member ID but using the same email when re-registering? I am not a moderator but I have a feeling sometimes some people are banned because they might be "misleading" in their reveals/stories, if you know what I mean :smile:


also, as i explained before, my 6 emails over the last 3 weeks to TPF have gone unanswered. yet, they are here trolling the boards all the time, and seem to ban people in the blink of an eye, so i DO think that trying to contact them here IS the best way to reach them. still waiting for a return email after 3 weeks. gee, seems like a long time to me!


thanks to all who have responded so far, but please believe me when i say that i haven't done anything, been rude, been misleading, etc. i am not a moron. i am a professional women who knows how to act on a message board. and to clear it up for a second time, i was banned 3 weeks ago, reinstated then next day without explanation or apology, and then banned today out of the blue and for no reason/explanation.


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Oct 18, 2005
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well, you have about 4 user IDs to you before this one - multiple user ID's is a bannable offense, to start. i'm not sure why else you were banned, but we don't ban people without just cause.
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