Moderators: common courtesy?

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  1. When a moderator closes a thread, can you please state the reason that you are closing the thread instead of just closing it without a word? There are new people joining every day and I think it should just be part of common courtesy to state the reason the thread is being closed.
  2. I notice they usually do. was there a specific thread you are talking about?
  3. Actually, I find that they very often do not. Yes, I just happened to notice it on a thread in the Balenciaga forum but it's just an ongoing issue that I decided to finally mention.

    P.S. I don't think it counts that someone in the thread mentions that it violates some rule or another. I think the moderator him/herself should state that they are closing the thread regardless of prior mention of the violation.

    I also wish they would do this when they move threads or do anything to modify a thread. I once had a moderator move a thread of mine inappropriately and I didn't know who did it so that I could PM them and explain the issue.
  4. Try PMing Vlad or Megs or the particular MOD responsible for the thread in question.:yes:
  5. That's the problem ... if the mod doesn't identify themselves, then I'm not going to be able to PM the mod who closed the thread in question!! I would rather not bother Vlad or Megs about mundane stuff like this when that's what we have the mods for ... to take some of the burden off of them!
  6. there is a list here about what moderator covers which threads. let me find it for you.

    here it is!
  7. Well, at least in that case you know who closed it .. and she provided a link to the place where ostensibly the rule that was broken resides ... I am assuming it was because the D&S forum is "not the place to slam stores or eTailers."
  8. I didn't notice any slamming of a retailer. The thread was about the NM website putting up a bunch of new bags that previously weren't available. I don't get what rule was broken
  9. My guess is that mods are often busy and sometimes they might not have the time to give a reason for every thread. Usually it's the same few rules are broken over and over again. I suppose it would be nice to have a mod give a reason, but this has never come to my mind, probably because I can always tell/guess which rule has been violated. To find threads you've made that may have been moved, click your username at the bottom and search "all threads started by..."
  10. As a note, Deals and Steals is NOT the right Forum to ask questions about stores, stock or returns. . . . . that thread was probably closed because it doesn't mention anything about a DEAL or a STEAL.

    In the B-Bag Forum, you should PM a B-Bag mod to ask why a thread was closed:yes:

    Contrarily, I find that almost every closed thread offers a reason or is just unbearably obvious, for example 2-3 members have already told someone where to post their authenticity questions or whatever.

    Also, as an FYI, Megs and Vlad do not require a reason to be posted, this website is CRAZY busy and we are merely vounteers. Sometimes I come on and instead of getting to enjoy reading and posting I spend my entire session here moving, closing, editing. . . .

    we truly do the best we can:yes:
  11. This is exactly why we cannot contact the person each time a thread is closed, moved or "modded" in some way. We go through an enormous volume of posts in order to make sure the rules are being followed. Most of the time, we are closing the same old threads and if I see that another member has commented "this should be posted in the authenticate this thread" I won't always say that again when I close that thread. As for moving a thread, there is almost always a link left in that thread's place which will take you to where the thread has been moved. We really don't have time to PM the OP to let them know why. In fact, I can't think of a single time where I have done that. I guess you just have to trust that if we move a thread, there was a good reason for it.
  12. Threads that are closed/edited/moved are deemed necessary to close/edit/move. Sometimes people don't agree, sometimes people do, sometimes a note is left, other times it is not.

    When I personally close threads- it always depends on the thread I am closing whether I leave a statement about why or not. Typically, if the thread is overly heated- I let people know why and close it. But if it is a rule broken, a topic covered extensively, posted in the wrong place, I figure people will figure it out. Not to mention typically people in the thread state the same thing.

    If you ever have a thread that you really think was treated unfairly- let Vlad or I know. This is what we are here for :yes:
  13. I think the MODS do an excellent job - I think sometimes we forget just how huge this forum has become and how much work is involved and they do it all for free!:smile:
  14. When a thread is closed in the LV section a reason is almost always given, unless like swanky mentioned, other alraedy pointed out the thread was somehow wrong.