Moderator Approval Required

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    Another question- I just tried to post an update to a personal journey I've been sharing in the TTC subforum, and it was flagged for moderator approval before it posts. I didn't say anything bad, and I've been a frequently contributing member here for 4 years. I was wondering what called attention to my contribution.
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  2. It's the system, not you :smile:

    I was approving them all as I saw them but Vlad asked us not to so he could see where they were coming from so he could fix it.
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  3. I know this is an old thread. I don't know who else to contact. I emailed the administration regarding two names on PF. I need to delete one and update my email address. Please tell me how to do this.
  4. Hi - it looks like the problem is back... I posted a pic earlier today and it is still not showing and waiting for mod´s approval... :smile:
  5. It's not a problem :smile: It catches mostly spam actually. Not sure why it filtered yours but I approved it!
  6. I saw that your posts fell into the mod queue. Not sure why, typically it catches spammers and questionable posts contributed by new members only. Server gremlins are at it again!