Moder chain white campaign or black tote?

  1. There is a modern chain campaign white and modern chain black tote on eBay...both are comparable in price and from reputable sellers.

    I love them both but can only afford one. I have like the campaign but worry the white isn't as durable.

    I like the tote because I could put my laptop in it....

  2. What styles do you already have in your collection?
  3. Currently I have :

    Modern chain hobo
    Timeless clutch in black lambskin and white caviar
    Black souple tote

    I also have LV Suhali in white.

    I am hoping to find a larger bag I coulduse to tote back from work, or maybe on an overnight trip or as my airplane carryon.


  4. I love that e/w bag:drool:
  5. I have the white e/w and I adore it. The chains are super comfy and they don't slip off my shoulder. The leather is extremely durable and the bag fits a ton.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the black tote pictured is a luxe tote, not modern chain. The strap drop on that one is quite short, so it can be a bit uncomfortable to carry. So from these 2 choices, I'd go with the white MC.
  7. Oops, guess i should never trust the eBay descriptions....good to know about the straps. Too short would make it uncomfy to carry.

    How does the white Chanel leather hold up. I am so afraid of getting it dirty.
  8. I love the white MC!
  9. I love the white, but then, I'm kind of partial to e/w bags!
  10. LOve, love , love it!!

    Eversince I saw at in the ref thread, I was sold!!
    To bad I'm on a ban till Jan 2008!!!:crybaby::cursing::hysteric:
  11. Modern chain for sure.
  12. i vote for the lux ligne tote cause you already have an mc hobo "-)
  13. i think the white modern chain with a laptop will be very heavy if you are carrying other items as well. The black luxury ligne tote is much lighter. How much does your laptop weigh and how long do you plan to walk around with it at any given time? When I use my black modern chain, I try to carry the bare minimum and sometimes a book and/or magazine. Yesterday I walked around the city after work and while I originally started out with a medium sized hardcover book, bare essentials (phone, wallet) and a small pouch of makeup, afterwards I purchased a heavy linen blazer that I put inside the bag and and after walking around some more, my legs started to hurt less than an hr later from the weight.
  14. Both of these bags are gorgeous, but I am feeling the MC tote.
  15. My laptop is about 3-4 pounds i think, its newer lighter one. My old one was a brick. If i cary my laptop in it, it'd be just as a carry on for the airplane.

    Usually i just bring laptop, book, sometimes light jacket, camera, charger and some of my jewerly. Right now I use an LV keepall,but it doesn't have a strap so I'd like something I can shoulder.