Models With Very Low Body-Mass Index Not Allowed On The Runway !!

  1. Spanish fashion show rejects too-skinny models


    MADRID, Spain - Spain’s top fashion show has turned away a slew of models on grounds they are too skinny — an unprecedented swipe at body images blamed for encouraging eating disorders among young people.
    Organizers of the pageant, known as the Pasarela Cibeles, used a mathematical formula to calculate the models’ body mass index — a measure of their weight in relation to their height — and 30 percent of the women flunked, said the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain.
    The association said Friday it wanted models at the show running from Sept. 18-22 to project “an image of beauty and health” and shun a gaunt, emaciated look.
    The decision was made as part of a voluntary agreement with the Madrid regional government, said Jesus del Pozo, a designer who is part of the association, said Thursday.
    Last year’s show, also called Madrid Fashion Week, drew protests from medical associations and women’s advocacy groups because some of the models were positively bone-thin.
    'Mirrors for many young women'
    This time the Madrid regional government decided to intervene and pressure organizers to hire fuller-figured women as role models for young girls obsessed with being thin and prone to starving themselves into sickness, said Concha Guerra, deputy finance minister of the regional administration.
    Fashion shows, Guerra said, “are mirrors for many young women.”
    Del Pozo said this was the first time skinny models have been snubbed at a major international fashion show.
  2. Some of the models are indeed to skinny. I have to admit that. Too skinny to the point that I don't look at the clothes anymore....the first thing I think is "she's so thin!"
  3. I think this is a great, only in America having a successful modeling career means weighing ten pounds!
  4. I dont think this will catch on, we are talking about Spain, they are much more relaxed and free about this than Italy and France, its sad but its the truth, the thin models were created to be human coathangers nothing more nothing less, i dont think it was an attempt to create an epidemic of anorexia or bulimia. anyway i hope this trend does catch on till then model will stay rakes and mops lol
  5. It's a start ....
  6. I think if Spain and Britain continue to do their parts, maybe other countries will come around. America is doing things very slowly. I can't remember the models name, but there is a very popular plus size model who was a part of a show for the sp/su fashion week.
  7. Back in the 90's Amazonian models were revered. Perhaps we are going back to that time....that would be great!
  8. Well, that's refreshing!

    Anyone see Project Runway last week? The models in Paris were FAR skinnier than the American gals. I really didn't think they looked good at all! It was very interesting.
  9. I think that's awesome! In DEVIL WEARS PRADA you were overweight at a size 6 right? Insane :sad:
  10. Thumbs up! It's time for the days when women's bodies looked like women's bodies to return.


    Now this is what a woman's body should look like!

    Photo: public domain.
  11. Now I just hope more and more girls won't get breast implants and such, though they already do though. I think that a model looks sexy and makes the clothes look better if they have a bit of muscle and sculpt to them. Nothing sexy about seeing your arm bones!
  12. I'm with you on this one, aarti! I'm honestly shocked at the number of women that suffer through breast implant surgery and worse yet, get such HUGE ones!!! What's wrong with women just accepting their bodies as it was given to us and live our lives from there? It's SO much easier and psychologically more healthy. Not to mention that acceptance of your body frees you to do more important things with your life.

    Man, is it ever Sunday. I've been preaching all morning. But I mean every word of it! :angel:
  13. [​IMG]Look at these heifers! Ladies, please, cover yourselves -- you're repulsively enormous. While our own New York fashion week begins its weekend of anorexia-friendly fun, the Australian Fashion Week is still roiling in the aftermath of its own little Dreyfuss Affair. Seems that designer MaraJoara decided to champion "real women" by putting a few size 8-12 models on display along with the tiny waifs who can't keep their pants up over their skeletal pelvises. Though hardly even zaftig in any normal universe, models like those above caused much squawking among the Ozzie fashionistas. Even those who grudgingly admired the feminist statement couldn't help slamming the larger lassies' amateurish catwalking. Fashion organizers supposedly tried to get the designer to kick out the size 8-12s, but she refused; even though the fleshy models are calling it a win for their team, the puckish crones of Vogue Australia deleted coverage of the MaraJoara show from their website. Giant oozing lardos who look like they might actually consume food need not apply. Approved meals may consist only of champagne, Red Bull, cigarettes, and Vicodin.
    Vogue Deletes Coverage of MaraJoara Show [The Insider]

    [​IMG] A model keeps her composure on the catwalk as her tights slide down her legs.
  14. Well, if you look at some of Spanish TV's stars, at least the ones I see on Univision, Mexico doesn't think much of the starvation look either. I have heard of people having hip implants there. Many of the spokeswomen on TV have actual figures. I think women can be beautiful, without starving themselves.
    If you look at Chakira, I think she is from South America, she is beautifully toned, but not super skinny.
  15. i think thats a blessing in disguise for those of us who aren't 18 pounds