Modelling YSL Tribute Sandals

  1. @ sedds

    Great pics, thank you! :tup:
  2. i love rose's pedi - anyone know what color that is? perfect for spring!!
  3. sounds like the 37 is your best bet!

    good luck.. post pic when you get them!
  4. how do these shoe fit generally?
  5. My favorite YSL shoe yet so out of my price range :faint:. Maybe one day huh?
  6. These shoes are gorgeous!
  7. in my opinion very comfortable.! I love mine!:tup:
  8. ARG I'm so FRUSTRATED right now! I bought what I THOUGHT were YSL Tribute Heels. But when I came back home and checked online they weren't quite right.... Mines look exactly like the normal tributes (same material style ect) exept there's no T-strap and instead of just an ankle strap, it's a d orsay + ankle strap. Plus the whole heel is suede (instead of inside being painted) and the platform is lower than the tributes. Can anyone ID this shoe for me? Are they real? I hope I'm not a victim of Switch and Bait :O
    ysl-tribute.jpg IMG_0640.JPG
  9. ^^It think this is the lower heel version. I saw a pair (the red ones) at the boutique a while ago and they didn't have the T-strap either.
  10. i'd love a pair too!! but those heels...if u aren't used to heels, won't it be too tricky??
    Maybe i should go for the lower heels...thanks for the thread:tup:
  11. evil there real. i saw them at the boutique a while ago. In red. i tried them on but i was more into the higher heel.
    i like them in black! Are you going to keep them? there hot!
  12. Evil, check out Lyra's pics on page 3 of this thread: hers also have a lower heel and no T-strap! ;)
  13. Elsie- Nope, they still aren't the same. Wrong platform, wrong strap.....

    Sorry for hijacking the thread, I kinda panicked when I got home. I made my own separate thread, so just kindly ignore the post that I made above ^^
  14. ^^ My bad!

    Good luck at sorting this out! :smile:
  15. :tup:

    Agree! They're cool in black, I like the patent version! But I love dark blue, red and nude too! :roflmfao: