Modelling YSL Tribtoos (we're back!)

  1. i will keep my ears to the ground too:graucho: :hugs:
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    I just got two pairs of Tribtoos from NAP sale:

    These are my first Tribtoos and I got my TTS 37.5 since I found my Tributes are TTS (both high and low heels). However, after reading through this thread, I found that Tribtoos run half size large. :cry: And of course, size 37 is sold out in both styles. I haven't received them but I'm really worried my heels will slip out of them.

    They're really pretty and since I got a good deal, I really want to make it work. Do you think I can get away with thick toe pads (foot petals)? I'm US7.5/IT37.5 with wide feet but narrow heel (the worst combo :shucks:) and for CL I took 37 in most high heel pumps except Lady Peep which I take 37.5 and 37.5 in sandals.

    Do they stretch out a lot over time? I'm worried even if they initially fit with thick foot pads, it will stretch out over time and my heels would slip out. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

    Finally, I also got these Tributes from the sale as well. :graucho: These have been in my wishlist forever!
  3. Hi I have the black patent tribtoos in 140 and I took the TTS with no problems. If you do have problems with heel slippage I'm sure you'll be able to fix it with heel grips. Just wait until you've tried them on and see how u get on with them-you never know Net-a-porter might get the 37 in stock again of someone returns them. Good luck :smile:
  4. I have exactly the same issue as you... wide foot, small heel, and heel slippage is the bane of my existence, ahh. I take a 38 in the Tribute sandal and a 37 in the Tribtoos... the pitch is so high on the 105s that the 37 fit best in the heel (but was tight in the toe box)... after a lil stretching, they are perfect now. I suspect the 37.5 will be loose in the heels for you, so heel pads, etc., should minimize any heel slippage! :flowers:
  5. I have these!! LOVE. They work as an almost nude with a warm twist. Great in the winter for the warmth or in the summer as more of a nude.

    Question: It'd rare that a size 37 or 37.5 ever make a sale, right? Seems like that size always sells out.

  6. Thanks HeelAddict and fieryfashionist!

    fieryfashionist, we probably have the same foot shape. I got the Tribtoos today and they were HUGE. =( Of course, having wide foot, toe box area was snug but my heels were popping out of the shoes. I tried heel pads, toe pads, etc trying to make it work but it just didn't work out. :cry: I LOVE the sparkle Tribtoo so much that I ordered 36.5 (a full size down) from NAP international site at a full price! NM had the same style on sale but with brown sole which I didn't like so took the last 36.5 at NAP UK. :graucho:
    One more question for you. What size CL VP do you wear (i.e. half size down/up, etc)? I went down half size with CL VP (patent) and toe area is really tight but my heels keep popping out. Should I go a full size down and hoping the toe area will stretch out? Sigh... :shucks:

  7. yeah it's nude-esque. i think it's a color that works best if you have a warm skin tone and if you're tan or darker.

    i am just so scared of these hurting.
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    I hope they don't hurt either but don't think they will since they aren't captoes!

    I'm having a dilemma between ordering the pink textured patent on sale or getting the toffee patent full price from I haven't seen either in person and am also hesitant that the toffee patent will be too dark a nude and more of a cognac, i wish i could see something other than stock pics!

    I'm an NC40 in mac shades (see my avi pic) - do you think the pink patent tribs will suit me as a nude heel and be versatile enough to wear with most things or not? If yes, I'd be apt to get them and use the saved $ for some other sale shoes I plan to buy :graucho:

    babe, these are GORGEOUS on you this pic makes me want to grab this colour more! Do you happen to have any other pics of your pink patent tribs, as you can see above i'm having a hard time deciding!

  9. i just ordered them. last 38.5 and they're coming all the way from Hawaii. CL has disappointed me this sale season.
  10. hawaii, girl you don't play LOL i wouldn't have thought to look there! we'll be shoe twins, i ordered mine too a few days ago, last of my size in company couldn't risk having them gone!

  11. the un bout did not make the this is my only sale shoe i think
  12. if you get yours first, post some pics so i can drool and get even more excited
  13. I just bought a pair of black patent Tribtoos in size 38 at Barneys for $311.35. They were incorrectly marked as $479 instead of $795, and I also had a 35% discount. PM me for details.

    These are my first designer shoes ever so I'm super excited!

    My Tribtoos have a black sole. Does the classic version have a black sole or a nude sole?

    Unfortunately I have super wide feet so the shoes are a bit tight on me in the front. However when I wear the Tribtoos with tights, they fit me perfectly. What can I do to fix this problem? Is there some way I can stretch out the front of the shoe without changing the shape and structure of the shoe?
  14. wow that's a great deal! black patent tribs never go on sale, so you're lucky they honored the incorrect markings, congrats! as for the sole, yes they should be black, the soles are generally coloured the colour of the shoe, or a coordinating colour.
  15. Well I finally got my sale pair; the sparkle black fabric Tribtoos from Bergdorf Goodman. I'm a tad disappointed though, the shoe shown on the website had a tan sole and these have black. :shucks: I still love them but liked the way they looked with a lighter color on the sole. Maybe I'm being too picky :shame:

    Pics to come soon.