Modelling YSL Tribtoos (we're back!)

  1. Candy, I am also a size 10 (40.5 in TribToos), and I bought the shorter heel, and I've gotten nothing but compliments when I wear them. You definitely can rock them! I tried the higher heel and it was a bit bottom heavy due to the platform and it being such a large shoe hahahaha. But I definitely suggest giving the shorter heel a try before you completely throw out the idea :smile:
  2. may, the lower TribToos look great on you. Do you think, when you can, post a side view pic of you wearing the shoe when standing? Would like to see the overall aesthetic of the lower heeled version when worn.

    Anyone knows what are the colours available?
  3. ^ms piggy, I'll definitely try later this day. I have yet to figure out how to angle it since it's just me taking the photo-- my bf will think it wierd to snap just my feet haha. I'll post back soon when I'm off work :smile:
  4. Here are action shots w/ a different angle. Thanks for letting me share!
  5. Thank you for indulging me may! These are perfect pics. I would def need to try this out at the boutique. It's classic with a twist!

    And LOVE the BBB. Great complement to these shoes!

  6. ^You are so welcome ms piggy!

    I find them super comfortable and I can wear them and walk in them for a long time without problems due to the shorter heel height. I hope you find a pair you love!
  7. I went to the YSL store the other day to try on some Tribtoos for sizing. (I'm getting ready for the 1 day sale next week). I tried on the lower ones in black leather pumps, blue lizard pumps, and brown lizard pumps. GORGEOUS all of them. I need black pumps so definitely getting those but debating on another pair since they're all so beautiful...
  8. I might be buying these tomorrow in black via mail order but I'm terrified - so scared I won't be able to walk in them. Can someone reassure me please?
  9. may3545 how much were ur lower heeled tribtoos? where did u get them?
  10. ^^Dreamer, I just bought a pair of maroon Tribtoos, lower heel height, from Nordies. They are pre-saling at 40% off retail, for pick up after Dec 1st. Not sure which Nordies carries them, but for sure Chicago does. Try Billie or Donny as SAs.
  11. thanks pishi. Do u know if they hve them in black? How much were urs?
  12. Pishi you scored a great deal!!!

    Dreamer, I bought mine for retail.... I forgot exactly, but it was a little over $800 with tax at the YSL boutique in San Francisco. I hope that helped!
  13. Dreamer, not sure if they had black. I would call. I saw a gold color too, but not sure if they were on sale. It was 40% off $795 or something like that. I haven't picked them up so I'm not positive. Won't get them until Dec 1st.
  14. Thanks May!! I'll post modeling shots after I get them...:biggrin:
  15. What's the height on the lower tribtoos?