Modelling YSL Tribtoos (we're back!)

  1. Me, I'm ready to see some YSL other than the admittedly lovely Tribute.
    Many love the look of the Tribtoo.....

    Does anyone not feel the 'too looks a bit heavy on the foot? :p
    Please prove me wrong!!!!

    Also, the Tribtoo is the one with the blue soles, right?

    (c'mon, guys, give OP a break!)
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    Funny you said it's exactly what i thought but did not say when I went thru' the tributes thread. But hey, each to their own :biggrin::graucho:

    how can modelling pics give you ideas on design detail? I would be doing research for that sort of information with the design company's?
    Having said that I do like "action pic threads" and I liked the "tributes sandals one"... So pics please ladies!!!:woohoo:
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    OP, thanks for starting this thread, I'm also interest in this particular design :yes: I think modeling the shoe help people understand the fit and the details of design-how is it different than people posting various angle/position pix on a handbag reveal thread:shrugs: I study PFer's model pix of same handbag in different views to determine if it's something I want, much more helpful than a stock pix. Will this make me a handbagfetish? :confused1:
  4. i love those gold ones, gorge!
  5. Letucche, thanks for starting this did an awesome job on the last one! Can't wait to see everyone's modeling pics!!!
  6. Seriously ... if you don't have something nice keep it to yourself!

    I love the other tribute thread! even posted in it. .. and i loved seeing everyone else in their tributes! So much fun!

    Can't wait to see this thread start blowin up! Unfortunately tribtoos arn't my cup of tea but i'd love to see some pics! :nuts:
  7. 100% agree! :tup:
  8. Thanks for making your point too! ;)

    And thanks everybody for your mature and reasonable comments! Hope everybody enjoys the thread! :smile:
  9. If you're freaked out for whatever reason, there are plenty of other threads to visit! :idea:

    I used to think Tribtoos were too heavy looking, but I've since changed my mind and think that they really ground an outfit! I hope to add a pair of black leather ones to my collection at some point! I hope someone posts a pic of their black leather ones haha! :drool:
  10. All fashion designs can be judged only when seen on the body. It's hiw the body shapes them. Visit some classes on fashion design. Then you'll understand. :smile:
  11. That's the reason why they are so interesting from a technical designers prospect. :smile:

    Thanks for your statement too! ;)
  12. ITA with the ladies who said if you have nothing nice to say then keep it to yourself. There's nothing wrong with being able to appreciate nice shoes!:biggrin:
  13. I hope this isn't rude, but: :useless:

    Does anyone have a picture they would like to share with us of the Tribtoos? I love this shoe and I love modeling pics, please post some pics :smile: