Modelling pix of the timeless classic pearls?

  1. hello everyone!

    i looked into all the pages of the ref lib under the accessories page, and didn't see that many modelling pix of the timeless classic pearls (the ones with different sizes of pearls).

    i'm so on the verge of taking the plunge to get my string of pearls :yahoo:(even tho' it's an absolutely crazy price for costume jewellery esp where i live w the exchange rate). I need some enabling!!! :p

    if you have any modelling pix to share, i wld really appreciate it! :flowers:

    thanks! :girlsigh:
  2. I don't have any of my own modeling pics, but here's Nicky Hilton.
    Nicki Hilton.jpg
  3. I think the price is a tad too high for them, but if i could id get them in a heartbeat! THEIR GORGEOUS!!:love:
  4. what is the price?
  5. i'm not exactly the best person to "model" these pearls, but here's a picture of me with the pearls i got recently. the price made me balk too, but after getting them, i just couldn't stop fawning over them. best of it, they go with just about ANYTHING!
  6. Here's mine, they are the ones with the silver metal in between the pearls, and the cc's have crystals on them:

  7. Be careful, I had them and returned them because the silver backing on the CC logo looks REALLY plastic and cheapened the whole look, I was so dissapointed.
  8. I love those pearls and you wear them so well! :yes:
  9. How much do they cost? They're really really pretty.
  10. I think they are prettier in pictures than in real life.
  11. i just went to chanel yesterday in montreal and the price of the single shorter strand was $800 and the longer strand that can be doubled was $1400. im not sure about the cost in the US but you get an idea. probably around 600 and 1200
  12. The single strand is $795 now. I don't know the price of the double strand.
  13. I think you are the best person to model these pearls! The necklace looks so good on you!:tup: Congrats.
  14. Oh, great, now I want some of these too. The board is dangerous!
  15. thank you so much, ladies!!!

    zerodross~ u look absolutely fab! you're def the right person to model them! :smile:

    DD101~ are urs classic - as in available all the time? i've nv seen these before! they're so lovely!

    can the single strand be worn in a double strand ard the neck in a shorter style? i seem to recall hving seen pix of them worn tt way on celebs.

    i've also nv seen the double strand - not sure how they look like worn.