Modelling Pix of Med/Large Flap with new chain?

  1. I've seen a lot e/w and jumbo classic flaps but does this come in med/large size? i would appreciate modelling pix.thanks:smile:
  2. check the reference library for tons of pics of flaps...
    a lot of medium/large bags in there too!

  3. yeah but all i'm seeing is jumbo flap with new chain..:sad: did chanel ever had the med/large flap with new chain? anyone? thanks
  4. whoops sorry didn't read that you were looking for the new chain. I haven't seen any med/large with it.
  5. I got the Medium lambskin today with the new chain,

    will post some piccies as soon as they download lol :biggrin:

  6. oh wow congrats!!! :yahoo:is the new chain available in caviar too?thanks
  7. [​IMG]


  8. My bordeaux one is destressed leather, I am sure they do a caviar, as the east/west came in cav with the new strap too :smile:

  9. :drool::drool: oh my its so pretty... Congrats..Hope you don't mind that you can post modelling pix too.:shame:.:smile:
    I hope it's available in hong kong..that's the nearest place to me with chanel stores..thank you
  10. I have the medium w/ new chain in red caviar.

  11. wow thanks so much's so pretty..I guess it's now hard to find one of these right? :crybaby:I want a medium white one..
  12. OMG aprilvalentine u have my DREAM BAG!!!!! :drool:
  13. Well, it was quite troublesome to get, but very worth it! I had it shipped from the Toronto, Canada boutique to a co-worker of my husband's in Windsor. Then I had to drive an hour there to pick it up (I live in Michigan). Couldn't bring a bag with me, so I could smuggle it back to the US without paying duties which required my husband's friend to bring the box, receipt, etc. with him to work later that week.
  14. OMG.... but was it worth it though? It's so beautiful... :drool:

    hehee, the things people do for their bags... i torture my BF with my bag sending escapades too! heehee.