Modelling Pictures of the MC Griet?

  1. Hello! The MC Griet is not yet in Canada the last time I checked... so I was wondering if someone had it and could post a few pics of them modelling it. I just wanted to see the colors, the vachetta, and the size on a real person.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Sorry ShoppingPrincess. As you know I just received mine earlier this wk but my camera died. :crybaby:

    Let me know your opinion of it once you get to see it.:idea:
  3. Thanks lvgoddess... sorry to hear your cameras dead-- congrats on the bag!

    Does nobody have the MC Griet?
  4. i am so glad that you asked this question. i have searched this forum high and low but cannot find any pics! surely someone has it???? :smile:
  5. I can't believe that in this huge forum with all these major LV lovers, nobody has an MC Griet!! Come on ladies... gotta shop alittle more ;)