Modelling pics: small and large Rock and Chain flaps

  1. I hate having my picture taken, so this is a first for me. I only discovered Chanel a couple of months ago, having been a Chloe and Balenciaga fan all this while (not abandoning them yet), mainly because I don't like structured bags like the classic Chanels.

    However, I got hooked on the unstructured Baby Cabas (I have one in Dark Silver, thanks to a very lovely tPFer) and the rest is history. Here are modelling pics of my ivory (not white – I saw the white and it is not the same as mine) small R&C flap, as well as black large R&C flap. The smaller size suits me best, but the larger size is useful if I need to carry stuff.


    I think the R&C flaps are about as structured as I would like my bags. I also have a bronze medium luxury flap (thanks to another wonderful tPFer). I saw the new lock flap in white in Bloomies NYC and I think that would be my next purchase once they sort out the lock and short chain problem, hopefully by FW07.
    Roxane-R&C-s.jpg Roxane–R&C-l.jpg
  2. the smaller one looks great on you! The black one's huge but still nice.
  3. I looooove this bag. I have the black one too. Boy, it looks so great on you!

    Where did you find the ivory??? I'm dying to know. I didn't care for the white myself. I saw your pic and right away knew it wasn't the white, it's gorgeous. I would love it in the ivory color you show.
  4. you look great with both bags love it :woohoo:
  5. The ivory was my first R&C purchase, which was at the Chanel boutique in Pacific Place in Hong Kong, exactly 1 month ago. I also saw the ivory at almost all of the other Chanel boutiques in HK on my visit.

    When I got my black R&C from Chanel on 57th St NYC, the SA (Brendan) said sometimes Chanel makes different colours for different markets, e.g. Japan always gets a lot of limited editions from many designers. I think the ivory might be an Asian edition.
  6. both bags look great on you. I guess it depends how much you want to put in your bag.
    Personally, i think the ivory colour is gorgeous.
  7. LOVE the smaller white one!
  8. They both look great on you, but you are really rocking the Ivory one.
  9. Both bags look fantastic on you. The Ivory one is HOT!!
  10. wow...ivory they come in large sizes too??
    What's the style code for this ivory in large size???
    What is the retail price?? Thks in advance
  11. both are great and look fab on you!:heart:
  12. They both are nice..
    I love this leather
  13. Love them both!:heart: :love:

    Thanks for sharing pics!:yes:
  14. I did not see it in the larger size in ivory – according to the SA in Hong Kong, they only came in that one size (but then they told me they didn't have it in black or red, which other tPFers have reported seeing in HK).

    The style code for the small ivory is A35069Y0196910801 and costs HKD15,000 (I think the peg to USD is 7.8, which means USD1923).
  15. Loving both bags! Chanel leather is so delicious looking.