Modelling pics - SJ's Alana, Araline & Soho

  1. OK, so here they are. It's tricky trying to take these pics so hope you can see the bags OK and get an idea of what size they are etc. I'm 5ft 3 and a curvy UK 16/18 - smaller on top than bottom.
    Alana 1.JPG Alana 2.JPG Araline 1.JPG Soho 1.JPG
  2. That Alana is such a gorgeous little shoulder bag! Does it feel bulky against you in that square shape?
  3. It's definitely bulkier than the other two which are far more slouchy. It does give so the middle section slumps down against your arm. I've been carrying it the last couple of days and it's fine. It just tends to sit behind my arm rather than directly under it.
  4. Thanks for posting the pics. Your bags look lovely being carried - very nice collection. The Alana looks beautiful in that colour - really classic choice.

    The Araline suits you, too. I'm going to return mine to Bicester on Saturday (I think it's the colour on the underside of the tassels that bothers me - yes, I am *that* fussy :lol:). I phoned yesterday to check what stock they had in and they didn't seem to have much (no Roxanne's or Annies - a couple of Phoebes but not in the colour I wanted). Hopefully they'll get a delivery in before Saturday :yes:
  5. Ditab, I know what you mean about the tassels. I almost didn't buy the tangerine because of the yellow underside - I'm that fussy too!
    So what's your first choice bag for Saturday??
  6. All the bags look fantastic on you. Congrats!
  7. Well, not that I'm buying anything yet :nogood: (should really try and save up for a few months first) but I'm thinking I'd be very tempted by a black Annie or Phoebe or an olive Roxanne. Not that they're likely to have any of these in so I'm probably just going to be trying things on for size/shape and will take a credit note for the Araline. That will make my next purchase much more affordable :tup:
  8. Gorgeous, love the Alana, was torn between Alana and Emmy for my first Mulberry purchase but went for Alana and I am glad it is really easy to carry. I have chocolate but love the black, it looks great! I might just need to get another one! :upsidedown:
  9. I'm sitting the tropics...listening to you ladies discuss what you'll buy this weekend at the outlet...!!! Total envy and frustration!!!! Enjoy to the max and post modeling pics. It really helps me plan my purchases for when I hit New York in November. Unfortunately, can't take advantage of sales...because when I'm in New York, I have to take advantage and just shop. Lucky ladies!!!
  10. Looks great sarajane!!!
  11. Great pics! I have the Emmy in black darwin, the alana is so cute! whats the soho like for room? Does it have as much space as the araline which I think is surprisingly roomy!

  12. I'd say the Soho is a bit bigger than the Araline. It's a very similar size but I think it's slightly wider. It's one of those great bags for chucking everything in and then slinging over your shoulder. My work involves arranging photo calls so I need to carry quite a bit and the Soho worked out brilliantly. I carried it all last winter. Its shaped strap also doesn't make your shoulder ache.
  13. OOOh I love the alana sarajane!
  14. Oh I do love the Araline, what a beautiful colour. I wish I did not know about this forum, it is going to get me into trouble on Saturday when I go to Shepton!!

    Do you know if Shepton have that particular Araline? :s

  15. Hi Morgan. I was there last week and they had the Araline in tangerine (like mine), claret, forest green, & toffee. If you don't see it out, ask an SA as they often have more in the stock room. They didn't have green out when I went but I asked and she came back with one.
    Have fun!