Modelling Pics of Your Watches,a Reference Guide.

  1. I thought this thread may be useful to start for any ladies who are wanting to buy a watch and would like to see modelling pics as a guide.And I know theres tons of you ladies out there who are very helpful and have photos of your watches on your wrists! You know who you are! Solitude,Chanelgirl?Don't be shy!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXX And lets get plenty of different brands on here,what made you pick it and how does it suit your life and tastes.
    Well to kick off things here are my two,not to everyones taste,but could be a useful reference for sizings! A steel Rolex gents GMT2
    A steel mid-size,roman rhodium dial and on a jubilee bracelet
    my jewellery and watches 011.JPG my jewellery and watches 013.JPG my jewellery and watches 014.JPG
  2. I heard you calling my name, Chaz LOL:roflmfao:. Ok, my turn:graucho:...Rolex 26mm two-toned with Jubilee bracelet and 31mm SS Oyster bracelet with polished links and bezel:love:.
  3. Hello me lovely! you must be telepathic! Just a quick thought as I know how tiny you are, putting your height etc as a guide too!

    I'm 5'6'' and size 6/8,Chaz xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Here is my new Rolex Lady Datejust in White Gold & Stainless MOP Diamond Dial

    For reference, I am very petite, 4 11.5" size 0 and have very small wrists measuring 4 3/4" although my wrist and hand look slightly larger in this picture due to the strange angle lol. I special order my David Yurman bracelets in the small wrist size which are still loose on me and I have to have other bracelets sized to fit my wrist.
  5. What a stunning watch! I remember posting you to get it(along with about a 100 others!)Its so lovely to see it and you sounding so thoroughly chuffed with it!!!! BTW,I can see you are really dainty from the size the watch is on you,you're hands actually look very small!!!
  6. Oh, and I'm 5'6", size 0-2 for reference ;)
    rolex.JPG 31mm.JPG 26mm.JPG