Modelling pics of patent reissues?

  1. Hi, iv got a black patent 227 reissue on hold for me and i was wondering of any of you lovely ladies who own the patent reissues could post some modelling pics for me?
    Just wanted to see what it looks like on.
    Thank you!:smile:
  2. i *LOVE* this bag...hope i can find one myself one day :sweatdrop:
  3. Mimi: There's one on eBay for 2900.00 :wtf: just in case you're interested.
  4. Yeah I saw!! Thanks for the heads up though. Trying to hold out for a boutique one, as it will be slightly less expensive.

    Cheers :flowers:
  5. I am having one sent to look at if I dont like it i will let you ladies know -Fran
  6. I have the navy patent modelling my big me before.. I can't remember where I put it. LOL.