Modelling Pics of Palermo PM/GM...

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  1. Can someone please post here modelling pics of PM and GM. Both handheld and using shoulder strap????

  2. Good idea...I wanna see too! I thought someone said the GM was bigger than the Mezzo???
  3. I've never actually tried on or seen the Cabas line I am dying for some modelling pics before i decide whether or not to buy this one!
  4. Yes please.
  5. Thank you Jessica and Baby...those really help! The GM is freaking huge LOL! maybe the PM it is!
  6. I so want this, PM size!!!


  7. YAY Twiggers go get that baby!!!!
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  8. That GM is sooooooo huge!!! Its like luggage!
  9. Is the strap adjustable?
  10. Geese, the vachetta is just so yummy! I love the Palermo PM but still have to wait and see the Tivoli!
  11. I am sooo dying to get this bag - am hoping to scrape up some funds in the next couple weeks...:drool:
  12. does anyone know the price in GBP?
  13. I LOVE that zipper pull! I hope it appears on other bags too! This bag reminds me too much of the neverfull, but more power to those who like it. You get to enjoy that zipper pull! :yahoo: