modelling pics of LV Summit Drive

  1. hi guys! if anyone could pls post pics or even modeling pics of summit drive i'll highly appreciate it.:yahoo:
  2. pics:heart:

  3. Thanks for posting :nuts:
  4. I LOVE this bag! I so wish they made it with something other than vachetta handles, though!
  5. It looks lovely in Pomme!
  6. this bag is so beautiful I saw a lovely lady in the city carrying one in Amarante with a beautiful patina!
  7. very nice . thanx 4 posting
  8. I am really loving this bag, especially in amarante. This might be my first vernis bag that I get.
  9. thanks for the reply and posts. i so love this bag
  10. Thanks for the pics! I am DYING for the Amarante, does anyone know if this color is going to be discontinued very soon??
  11. What is the Amarante shade - is it a dark purple? I've been trying to see from the pics but it looks nearly black in them.

    If deep purple, I think it's even nicer than the Violette color.
  12. That modelling pic of the pomme summit sealed it for me. Yum Yum Yum!
  13. Great Photos!!!
    My Summit Drive is expected to arrive tomorrow in the Aramante color.
    Another PF posting sold me on the bag last week. Can't wait!!!
  14. look like a nice bag and size tooo:tup:
  15. Mine just arrived yesterday. It's amarante. Gorgeous. I'm going to try not to stress about the vachetta handles!