Modelling pics of flower medium Cecily and small blush Bryn

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  1. Sorry everyone but I didn't know how to add photos to the reveal thread I had already created for these... I've included a picture of my pale family too.

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  2. Both beautiful but I especially like the Cecily. Make sure you put gallons of collonil on it. Did you get it discounted?
  3. Wow, I love your pale collection. Thanks for the photos.

    Do you find the Bryn an okay size?
  4. wow you do love pink ♥

    fab pictures I love bryn the small is the perfect size on you, I am surprised at the size of Cecily I thought it was the same size as lily? does it come in small?
  5. Lovely collection.....congratulations :tup:
  6. Beautiful collection esp the cecily
  7. Love your pink collection, but the surprise for me is the cecily. It looks absolutely stunning on ml11afk
  8. Thanks, I nearly gassed myself spraying both of them :smile: Yes Cecily was £750 in preview sale, 40% off!
  9. Thanks Steph, yes I think the Bryn is a good size if you don't usually carry the kitchen sink around with you... it can easily fit my purse, keys, sunglasses, make up compact, lipbalm and hairbrush and perhaps a little more. The only thing I found yesterday wearing it to work was that the cross body strap made my jumper pile like crazy where the strap rubbed against it, I'll ahve to be careful what clothes I wear with it I think!
  10. Your family is divine! The cecily looks so right on your arm :graucho:
  11. Thanks mulberryforbes, I think the small (or normal) sized Cecily is just a few cms smaller than the regular Lily, but the medium is around the same size as Medium Lily, maybe slightly larger. The flower Cecily comes in both the medium and small sizes :smile:
  12. Thanks Mooshooshoo! :smile:
  13. You have an absolutely beautiful collection - I hope you have shares in Collonil! :roflmfao:
  14. Lovely !
  15. Thanks elvisfan4life!!