modelling pics of bayswaters! please!!!

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  1. I'm still lusting after a Mulberry bayswater and would love to see pictures of people wearing their bayswaters on shoulder/ crook of arm or in hand! :wlae:

    Unfortunately i can't start the piccies as i don't have a bayswater ( yet!) :shrugs:

    I think we need a Mulberry forum!
  2. Don't be shy! (am i going to have to resort to bribery??!)
  3. I am trying to upload pics but it keeps telling me the file is too big and i am a little slow on the uptake when it comes to this chopping and sizing thing.... any tips?
    I am dying to show off all of my Mulberry bags but have only been able to list one in my profile:confused1:
  4. Does it give you a resize option when you are looking at your photo's? if so i normally have to reduce mine to 30% for them to be small enough to upload. hope that helps!!
  5. ok - i'll try and do it when the boyf gets home!
  6. I actually sol[​IMG]d it but here is a pic!
  7. Looks great on you!
  8. Great thread, I've been wondering how it looks when worn.

    rosieroseanna thanks for the pic, it looks great on you, well past tense, it looked great! It's not as large as I imagined, can I ask how tall you are?
  9. You look great with that bag! I didn't really like the Bayswater before, but I'm liking it more and more, esp after seeing them on people.
  10. It looks great on you!

    Come on guys - need more piccies!!!!

    I never took a second look at the bayswater when looking at the Mulberry website then i saw some piccies of it being worn and realised i have to have one!!!
  11. That looks really great on you! I NEED one :yes:
  12. Yes definately, it does look better worn doesnt it? :yes:

    Please can we have a mulberry forum? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaasseeeeeee!
  13. Ok - sorry - pics are not the best - bit of a DIY effort I'm afraid.
    bays.JPG bays2.JPG bays3.JPG
  14. Rosieroseanna that bag looks great on you! btw where did u get your boots i HAVE to have them, are they anna sui?
  15. 5'3 and a half!